Here’s the goin’s on ’round ear!

Father in Heaven, may these words be uplifting to those who read/hear them. In Jesus name, Amen.


Well hello there fellow table talkers. What’s that? Sorry, can’t hear ya very well…


Yes, my surgery has been done and I am now packed tight in my left ear and everything is muffled. Rather, everything is blocked out in that ear.


I must say, it’s quite bazaar to have my own voice reverberating back in my ear that is blocked. It’s tunnel like I guess. Try plugging one ear then talking out loud… weird huh?


It is a little frustrating to be constantly asking “what did you say?” But I know after a couple months, I’ll be able to hear better and it will have been worth it… I hope.


Have you ever been able to see your circumstances as a blessing? To be able to see your disability or that of someone you know or love as being a positive thing at times? It’s really a matter of perspective to see the silver lining in a particular situation you might otherwise see as a struggle.


Most would agree that blindness, deafness, paralysis, cognitive, emotional, psychological, or any form of disability that alters how we do everyday life… most assuredly has it’s pitfalls. But, we don’t always have to see them as pitfalls!


When I hear people talking negatively about the way someone is dressed, I want to thank the Lord that I can’t make that “book by it’s cover” first glance kind of decision.


When I read a post on Facebook about someone over-hearing two other people bashing their spouses, I can appreciate my ear being packed tight.


If someone makes a comment about the look on another persons face and is making the assumption that said person is making judgement’s on others, I can blissfully be unaware of the assumed offending look and not make any assumptions at all.


Of course I can and only would speak on my own struggles and silver linings. But if we could try and look for our own silver lining moments within our struggles, I feel like it could change our whole perspective on life.


It can be very easy to ask the question “why me God?” and I’ve asked it many times myself. Not so much from an angry “I don’t deserve this” standpoint. More from a “could ya help me understand why You’ve asked me to carry this God?” standpoint.


The hearing loss I’ve had for the last twenty-six years, or so, has primed me to (all be it unwillingly) block out certain negative talk.

Now that I’ve had my ear  repaired and as long as it turns out correctly, I feel like God may be asking me to still be deaf to that negative talk. Maybe even more so.


I have been asked many times that if there were a surgery to correct my vision, would I have it done. My answer has always been… I don’t know. On one hand, my independents would increase astronomically. On the other hand, I would see things I wished I hadn’t. If such things would change my view of God or what He created, I wouldn’t want that.


God has a mapped out purpose for me and He has one for you. The map may have lots of twists and turns and it may have lots of thorny brush or full on “Fire swamp” (Princess Bride reference) terrain to get threw. But there is a map.


Your map may be marked with a disability in your life somewhere; yourself, a child, a parent, a spouse…


Or it may be marked with struggles of another kind.


If you knew there was a treasure buried under the X on that map, that contained riches beyond anything you could imagine… wouldn’t you travel that terrain to get to the treasure?


Friends there is such a treasure!


John 14:2  “In My Fathers house are many mansions, if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?”


Jesus Himself has prepared the treasure and has given us the map. The map has marked along the way, the silver lining moments and we just need to ask God to help us recognize them.


Keep checking the map (Gods word and prayer) and strive for the X. Oh and just so there is no misunderstanding about the treasure… no treasure chest on this earth could contain all the riches God has in store for you!





6 thoughts on “Here’s the goin’s on ’round ear!

  1. I am thankful it is over!
    Blessed to hear your perspective & always challenges me with my disabilities.
    Praying for a quick & successful recovery


    1. I too am thankful that the surgery is over Rene. Now we leave it in Gods hands (which is where it’s been all along) for the results. Thank you so very much for your prayers. I look forward to seeing how all of us can be challenged to use our struggles for Jesus 🙂 love to you my friend. xoxo


  2. What a terrific and insightful post. I try to avoid the negative talk whenever I can. I also look at my disabilities as a gift to allow me to see another side of God. To allow me to become closer to Him and stronger in Him and through Him. Thank you for this post.


    1. Hi Cheryl! I don’t recall hearing from you before, it’s so wonderful to read your comment. I hope you make your seat here at the table, permanent. I’m so glad you found a blessing in this post. I also love your “Puppymedic” name! I am a total dog person! I love all animals and I have a dog and a cat. Keep on seeing the silver linings in disability. I look forward to hearing from you again 🙂


      1. I read your post this is just the first time I commented. I have 5 cats and a German Shepherd, in a fifth-wheel RV.


    2. Well it’s so awesome to meet you! WOW, that’s a lot of kitty cuddling. Also a great choice in dog breed. I have a Retriever mix. Love her to pieces. I also have a Calico kitty. She is mostly white. She does have a little patch of black and gray on her head and a black and gray striped tail, but other then that she is pure white. Great chatting with you! Keep an eye out for Foodie Friday tomorrow! See ya soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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