Takin’ a little trip

This is just a quick little note to let you all know that I’m heading to Florida for a women’s ministry conference. I will be back here at the table with all that I’ve learned and how God blessed us at this event.


It is a bit unnerving to travel without my husband, who knows my needs before I do, but I trust God in the leading.


I feel like He is providing this conference for a specific reason in my life at this time, so I am anxious to see what that reason is. I’ll fill everyone in on how God worked over the weekend and we’ll have a cup of coffee or whatever you like, and share all the blessings together next Wednesday. Talk to you all soon!

2 thoughts on “Takin’ a little trip

    1. Much love to you as well my friend. Thank you for your excitement for me about the trip! It was a wonderful and spiritual refill. Amazing sessions and prayer times, beautiful stories of encouragement, and another writing opportunity for me to get involved with. It was also very humbling to have seen the book selling that I have two devotionals in print in. I want Gods will to be done and seeing the words He has impressed me with in a printed page and binder book and people buying it, well it was… just humbling. Thank you dear friend. xoxo


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