Treasured like a sheep

Father in Heaven, my prayer is that we all who read this, realize our value in Your eyes and heart. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hi! Welcome… come on in and pull up a chair at the table. I hope your holiday weekend was blessed. Pretty low key around here. I did get my Fall decor up and I’m lovin’ it!


The Autumnal colors of rust, gold, brown, dark purple, pumpkin orange, butterscotch… well you get the idea… they just bring my heart a burst of joy. I believe it’s because with my limited amount of vision, these colors are rich and deep and I can see most of them still. Or it could simply be that I’m a Fall nut! My birthday is in the Fall so I have always been an Autumn junky.


I remember several years back when my now college aged daughter was only two-years-old, we had taken both our kids to a little trunk or treat gathering. For those who are unfamiliar… this is where an organization such as a church, school, or business of some kind will partake in decorating cars and handing out candy from the trunks instead of kids going door to door trick or treating.


We don’t really do the Halloween thing but this was our daughters chance to dress up in the little skunk costume her Aunt had bought for her. So we took our kids and she wore the furry black and white little stinkers outfit and won the “Cutest Costume” contest. But something happened before we even got started into the festivities.


When we arrived, we all got out of the truck. When we were half way to the door to go in, my husband said “where’s Molly?”


To which I replied, “I don’t know, I thought you had her!”


We took a frantic look about us and my husband quickly realized that we had never gotten her out of her car seat in the truck! Each thinking the other had gotten her out, we simply proceeded to go on our way.


We of course raced back to the car, which was still in view, and opened the door to retrieve our now emotionally scarred toddler. Crying and a bit miffed, she willingly lifted her arms to be held and removed from the thing that kept her separated from her parents.


In Luke 15:4 it says, “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it?”


Just as my husband and I didn’t say to one another “well, we have another child… no need to go back and find the other.”, God doesn’t do that with us either. He doesn’t just go out and try to find His lost sheep and then give up after a couple hours of searching. No, friends this verse says He looks for it until He finds it!


The Good Sheppard, that is God, seeks out His sheep. When He finds His lost sheep, He doesn’t scold it and shew it back into the heard only to get mixed unrecognizable in with the others.


God makes sure the heard is taken care of then sets off with a search party of one to find His beloved sheep. When He finds it, He kneels down on the grass or rocks or the cement prison floor… wherever that sheep is, and He strokes it’s rough woolen coat and whispers to it that He loves it very much and is so happy He found His lost member of the flock.


He doesn’t put a leash on it, He doesn’t use a cattle prod, He doesn’t even walk in front of it whistling for it to follow. No no, He picks up the sheep, places it around His shoulders and personally carries it back to safety.


Friends God will personally carry us back to safety in His flock. He holds us and tells us how much He has missed us and how much He loves us. No tisking, no scolding, no rubbing our noses in how foolish we were to wander away in the first place.


Our heavenly Father comes to where we have been strapped in and feeling left behind like a two-year-old toddler in a skunk costume. Surrounded by our own metaphorical or literal stench, He lifts us out by our awaiting raised arms as we are crying and a bit miffed at our circumstance. Let him lift you out. Let Him bring you back into the flock and let Him carry you there.


Do you sometimes feel forgotten by God or like maybe since you did the wandering that He’s no longer interested in finding you? He is! He will make sure His flock is secure and personally come and rescue you, His beloved sheep, His valuable beloved sheep! Hear your shepherds voice calling. Let Him carry you back.

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