Living in the Unlikely

Father in heaven, let these words be of comfort to those who read them. In Jesus name, Amen.


I welcome all of you to my table once again. I am posting in the evening today, I went to a birthday party tonight and I’d like to share the experience with you all.


This was a birthday celebration for my niece who is turning twenty-three years old on Saturday. We did something I hadn’t done for quite some time… we went bowling!


Yes, we had an old fashion pizza party with the classic game of knock down all the pins; or in my case, one or two. Usually it’s more often for me to end up in the gutter. I used to be pretty decent at it many years ago, but alas… no more.


I must admit that I felt very out of place in the bowling alley. As the large group of family and friends strode back and forth taking their turn chucking a ball down the lane, I knew everyone must have been thinking “how and why in the world is she bowling? She can’t even see the pins.”


I mean it’s pretty unlikely that a blind person would be bowling, right? Never mind that my nieces two-year-old son was bowling. With an assistive brace mind you, but he was out there just bowling his little diapered booty off!


I also had been certain in my mind that when I through my ball directly into the gutter, everyone must have expected that anyway.


All who were participating, walked up, took hold of their ball, and proceeded to aim and fire, hitting pins and sending them scattering.


My husband took his turn, followed by my daughter, then my son. They walked up unassisted, no aids to ensure pins knocking down, no one handing them their ball. enter, my turn.


My husband walking me up to the ball return, finding my ball for me, turning it the right direction, and letting me know when it was alright to go. Slipping my two fingers and my thumb into the appropriate wholes, I held the ball in the proper loaded position and began my stride up the alley. Swinging my arm back and bringing it forward to release, I send the blue ball rolling along the wooden slats. Gutter balls, spares, and one strike were the stories of the evening. But it seemed to loom over me that just like my Great Nephew,I had to have assistance. I can’t really put into words exactly how it feels to be a forty-five-year-old woman with a home, a husband, two kids, a dog, a cat, several ministries and bible studies… and a partridge in a pear tree… but still have to be assisted just to bowl.


It was unlikely for me  to take part in the game. It was unlikely for me to go up and get my own drink or food. It was unlikely for me to go to the restroom unattended… it seems that I live most of my life in the unlikely. But I want to try and look at it from another perspective.


What if instead of assigning thoughts like, “what in the world is she doing bowling?” to people around me; maybe they are thinking, “wow! it’s unlikely for a blind person to be bowling, but she’s doing it! I want to have that kind of perseverance.”


What if instead of feeling left out of games or activities, I see it as an example for other people with disabilities or just shyness, to attend the family or church function anyway no matter if it feels unlikely that it will be fun for them.


What if I push through the unlikelys like; bowling, crafting, learning to play the harp, leading a bible study, and alike, in order to not surrender to the fight. The fight of blindness, the fight of schooling, the fight for a marriage, the fight for a straying child, the fight for health, the fight for financial freedom. Whatever your fight looks like, what if we choose to live in the unlikelihood out of our faith?


Sometimes living in the unlikely is not even about us, but about how we handle the unlikely space as a testimony to others. God chooses those He can trust to carry such a powerful responsibility for His honor and glory. For me in my life, this is where God shows up the most. In the unlikely.


It can feel like a very lonely place to be and sometimes it’s uncomfortable. But when Jesus took the beatings and accepted those nails on my behalf, I will gladly shoulder some discomfort for His sake.


After all, it seemed pretty unlikely that this Jesus who all the people had just witnessed surrender His life on a tree, would rise again… but He surely did!


Our lives can sometimes feel like everything is unlikely, however Gods power and might are more gloriously displayed in the unlikely.


I will probably always feel a bit out of place and rather conspicuous when I’m the only one (other then the two-year-old) who needs assistance. That’s pretty likely.


I will probably always initially want to sit out of the game so I’m not in the way. That’s pretty likely.


I will probably always long to play with the big kids. That’s pretty likely.


But God letting my blindness be in vain, not using it to further His kingdom, not leading someone to Himself through me when I’m willing… that’s just beyond unlikely.


Friends when things just feel more then unlikely, remember that everyone… EVERYONE… thought Jesus rising from His crucifixion, was unlikely. Gods workmanship is best displayed in the unlikely. Are you willing to live in the unlikely so Gods work can be displayed? Me too.

Won’t you be my neighbor?


2 thoughts on “Living in the Unlikely

  1. “It’s such a good feeling
    To know you’re alive
    It’s such a happy feeling
    You’re growing inside
    And when you wake up ready to say
    “I’ll make a snappy new day.” 🙂 Beautiful perspective Cyndi! Thank you for SUCH a great analogy!


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