The “Wild Fire” called life.

Father in Heaven, please let these words touch the hearts of all those who read it. In Jesus name,Amen.



Pull up a chair my friends and poor yourselves a beverage and let’s get chatting.


Many, if not all of you know that “Little House On The Prairie” is my favorite show. (make no mistake that all my people know this as well) I can’t say I have a single favorite episode, though I have several favorites.


Of course I have a special fondness for the episodes that Mary Ingalls has center stage because of her blindness in season four. Then she marries Adam and her journey with blindness shifts a little.


There is an episode called “The Third Miracle” in season six, in which Adam wins the prestigious “Loui Brail” award and has to travel to St. Paul Minnesota. So he and Mary board the stage coach which has a rickety wheel issue and head to the train station.


Mary has had many struggles with her blindness just in living everyday life. I can relate to this. My dailies look something like this…


If I drop something on the floor, I have to get down on my hands and knees to sweep my hands across the floor and find it.


Remembering where I set every and any thing down because I can’t just scan the room to see where I’ve set it.


Dealing with people not always remembering (including myself) to push their chairs in.


Memorizing remote controls, phone tabs, microwave and stove buttons, channels on the TB because there is no reading the guide, and on and on…


I don’t even watch movies on demand or DVD because I have to switch the TV to another output and I can’t see the screen to do that. Watching TV at all is not my top choice as I can’t lay on the couch or sit in my cozy recliner and expect to see what’s happening on the screen. I will sometimes sit and listen with my family,but it’s kind of like being the only one in the room who doesn’t get the joke.


Then there are the times of the kids asking other moms’ to watch them do something because they know I can’t see them. Knowing that when my daughter walks down the isle, I won’t be able to see her face as it shines with joy and happiness. Knowing that I won’t see my son on a stage with whatever he decides to do… and it most likely will involve a stage!


In the Little House episode, Adam and Mary are traveling in the stage coach and the rickety wheel issue has reared it’s ugly head. The wheel comes off and the coach tumbles helplessly down a ravine. Adam is Thrown from the coach and is now pinned beneath it. The other traveler in the coach is of course unconscious and naturally the driver has perished. This leaves blind Mary the only one to save the day.


After making sure of the direction of the sun by feeling the warmth on her face, she sets out to do the impossible. She stumbles and trips and falls a few times, but fueled by the need to save her husband and fellow traveler (who is seven months pregnant by the way), she presses on. Hands outstretched in front of her to help guide her, she begins her ascent back up the ravine they tumbled down, she almost reaches the top and grabs hold of a fist full of weeds and grass but it gives way and she falls backward and gets knocked out.


By this time, there are people out looking for the stage coach as it was reported as not reaching it’s destination of the train station. Two of the men looking were Mary’s Father and his friend. There is also an over-looked fact that for reasons explained in the episode, Mary has her old eyeglasses in her pocket. This will prove to be significant.


While Mary lays on the ground in the blazing summer sun, a spark of a flame begins near her and it isn’t long before a brush fire is roaring. Mary awakens at the smoke and heat and quickly realized… she was


Pa and his friend happen down the road the stage took and careened down the hill. They hear Marys cries for help and set the horses to running to get to her. The flames are high and ferocious, licking all around her and threatening to consume her.


Does life often feel this way for you?


Like the fire of your circumstances threatens to consume you?


Blindness can leave me feeling the heat and ferociousness of it’s flames. Coiling around me and hissing things like “you can’t” or “you’re disabled, AKA, you’re not able”, or “someone else can do it better”.


Maybe for you it’s “you should be a better mom” or “you don’t even belong in this job” or “she could have done that better”.


The burning flames of life can leave us feeling scorched. Unable to breathe for the choking black smoke. Left to deal with ashes and chard remains.


But here’s what is left to tell of this episode… Marys Father sees her among the raging flames and knows what she can’t see… the way out.


He reaches her in the nick of time and rescues her from the blazing inferno. She doesn’t ask how he found her, she doesn’t ask him to identify himself, she doesn’t try to help him help her. She just clings to him and let’s him lift her out of danger.


Psalm 71:2  “In Your righteousness deliver me and rescue me; incline Your ear to me, and save me!” (ESV)


Mary cried out to her Father when she heard his voice. He said her name and she replied, “help me Pa, help me!”


Oh friends, when your life is getting heated and flames are licking at your face and the black smoke of circumstances seem to be suffocating you, cry out to your Father, your Pa, your Daddy. “help me Pa, help me” is all we need to say.


He holds us close and even though the flames may still rage, we can be protected from the heat and lung filling smoke. Blindness threatens to knock me down and clog my ears from hearing Gods calling for me. It wants to fill me with discouragement and tell me that I’ll never be a published author because no one wants to hear what a blind woman has to say. It wants to tell me that it’s to hard and not worth the hours and tears I put into it and someone who has no disability has a much better chance of my dream being granted to them.


But Gods’ all powerful arms lift me out of the flames of doubt and sets me at a safe distance. Oh I can still see the blaze, but now I’m not concerned that it will consume me. I can be at a safe distance to know what my challenges will be but not have them overtake me. I can breathe again without the stifling aroma of smoke.


Let God rescue you from your inferno by trusting that His end was before the beginning of the struggle. He longs to swoop in and pluck us right out of the flames. Call out to Him. Call on His Holy name.


Oh by the way… Marys glasses that were in her pocket? They fell out onto the grass covered ground when she fell. The sun glaring through the lenses is what started the fire. She never knew how the fire started, the camera just panned on the scene of her chard frames. Had the fire not been started, she never would have been saved. The fire is what her Pa saw and her cries to be helped is how she was rescued. Sometimes God uses a seemingly inconsequential thing to save us. It’s that one thing that we may never make the connection too but He uses it none-the-less. Nothing is inconsequential to God! Trust Him with everything.









2 thoughts on “The “Wild Fire” called life.

  1. “Trust Him with everything.” Cyndi, this is going to stay with me. Not only is Little House one of my favorite television series of all times, but as you described this scene, I could picture it as well. But, I had never related it to that beautiful analogy. Isn’t that so like God’s timing? Just when we feel like it couldn’t get any worse, when we wonder if we’ve been forgotten…THANK YOU Sweet Friend! This was SO GOOD and JUST what I needed this morning!


    1. Oh Tonya I’m so blessed to hear how this spoke to you! I recently watched this episode and just felt God unfolding this analogy. I pray He keeps impressing me with such stories as I write my book. I want to see Jesus everywhere and show others that He really can be seen in everything if we look for Him. I truly hope you know how much I value your encouraging comments. Blessings to you my friend.


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