“Seeing” What I Can’t See

Father in heaven, please give us the vision to see what we cannot see on our own, In Jesus name, Amen.    Good Wednesday to all of you! Or just good day if your reading this on a different day. I hope you have had an opportunity to try some of the recipes. Ya know, there is nothing like sitting around the table with family or friends or just your spouse to have a meal and some cherished time together.


My family dynamic is changing rapidly and I’m not sure how I feel about that. My oldest child is almost twenty years old and going in all directions at once it seems. Work, girlfriend, the gym, and everything in between. I blinked and he became a young man who still needs guidance but is quickly approaching moving on and starting life outside the four walls of his childhood.


This is, if I’m being honest, a little hard for me. I have raised him to be a strong independent person who can stand on his own two feet and make decisions for himself. I may not always agree with those decisions, but I’m certain my heavenly Father isn’t always happy about my choices either.


Then there is my baby. Just graduated and starting college this fall. How… how did I get here? I have raised her to also be independent and strong. She marches to her own drummer but it is Jesus playing that drum. She is nervous about college and starting a new chapter, but then if she weren’t, I would worry that she wouldn’t be on her guard against the enemy’s attacks.


Then there is me… who am I now that my “stay at home mom” days are coming to an end? I have loved that roll even when I was cleaning up the endless spilled drinks and broken items and washing sticky… whatever it was… out of my children’s hair.


It occurs to me that I have always longed to just do normal things that other moms do. Then I realize… I do! Don’t other moms clean up spills? Don’t other moms wash stickiness out of their kids hair? Don’t other moms want to raise their kids to be strong and independent?


I wasn’t the perfect mom by any means. But I did do some of those normal things. I can hold onto that even when it seems kind of ridiculous to find contentment in that kind of normal. God gave me normal. I wanted that and He granted me that.


Friends God desires to give us what we ask for when it lines up with His plan for us. You see His plans for us don’t look like our worldly plans for ourselves. He desires much better things for us then that. My plans looked like being able to drive my kids to every event under the sun. Birthday parties, overnights, play-dates, school, library study times…


If I could have done that kind of normal, they may not have made the friends they did while riding along with other kids. They may not have made those extra stops that other moms had to make and then were part of a blessing that stop entailed. They might not have seen unique things on the walking we had to do to get somewhere. This was our normal.


But now what is my normal? My normal will be what God calls me too. I want it to be “normal” for me to respond to His calling. Wherever that may lead, whether it’s my office or the opposite side of the country.


If we make listening to Gods calling a normal practice, then wherever He leads and whatever He asks becomes normal. He asked me to carry the weight of blindness to better display His power, therefore whatever being blind requires, becomes normal.


Philippians 4:9 says this… “what you have learned and received and heard and seen in Me, practice these things and the God of peace will be with you.”


If we make following God a practice, we will have peace in “the normal”.


As I enter into the new normal events that God will place before me, I see Him calling me deeper into writing. Writing a devotional book for people with disabilities. Disabilities of all kinds. For those who have one and those who care for someone with one. This is what I feel God has placed on my heart and I’ve gotten positive feed back on it as well.


So I will no longer be washing sticky hair (unless it is my own) or mopping up spilled drinks (oh wait… I still do that after I knock one over) or clean up something that got broken (well, I guess I… hmm,) maybe it won’t be all that different after all!


In any case, it’s a new season and I feel God impressing me with four projects with one of them being at the head of the line. My devotionals that are being published come out in a couple of months, for the new year and it will be the first official published pieces for me. I am weighing my options for publishing my own devotional book and would ask that you keep this in prayer for me please. I want to honor God in that process.


I am learning that I can “see” what I cannot see when God leads. I will be looking for Him in new and possibly unlikely places in this new journey. Much like my dog in this photo is in an unlikely place atop my accent table to see something that she evidently couldn’t see from the chair. I want to practice what I do see from Jesus and pack it in my proverbial suitcase on this adventure.


If you are interested in contributing to this devotional book project for people with disabilities, please feel free to leave me a comment here letting me know you’d like to share your story to possibly be used for a devotional. My goal is to bring some hope to those who feel the weight of disability. Either by having one or caring for someone who does. Blessings to all of you. See ya on Friday!





3 thoughts on ““Seeing” What I Can’t See

  1. Cyndi, our church has been focused on the message of “no such thing as coincidence” recently and I just have to tell you that God bringing you into my inbox was definitely no coincidence! Thank you, Friend, for once again allowing the Holy Spirit to move me through your writing. I, too, am going through a “seasonal” change and returning to work after years of being a stay at home mom. Actually, my first day is tomorrow. And I am anxious and excited and sad to see this season with my daughter come to a close. Thank you for putting words to my feelings and reminding us all to look to our Father, the author and finisher of our faith. Blessings!❤️


    1. Tonya I definitely do not believe in coincidences either. Your comment once again has fueled me to write and let the scope of my writing be left up to God. I completely understand the nervousness and excitement. I too am nervous and excited about this book project. I have gotten a lot of positive feed back on it’s content and I am pursuing it full on. I feel Gods leading to traditionally publish this book so we will see how God works all this out. Blessings to you and I look forward to all your comments 🙂


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