I Didn’t Hear You…

Father in Heaven, I’m so thankful You hear our prayers. I’m grateful Your ears are not subject to a fallen world. Go before these words Lord and fill our ears and hearts. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hi there and welcome to my table. I’ve had an experience this week that I’d like to share with you all.


For many years now I’ve had a fairly significant hearing loss in my left ear. This would be a big inconvenience for someone under standard circumstances, but for a blind person… it’s rather detrimental.


I’ve been to see a specialist this week to find out if anything can be done to repair the damaged bones in my ear that is causing the hearing loss. I learned with some mixed feelings that it can indeed be rectified.


The mixed feelings are a result of this:


First- It’s surgery. I’ve had surgery twice and my reaction to anesthesia is a little difficult to deal with. I get very emotional and evidently come out of surgery crying. Not from pain but from some strange interaction with the medicine. My emotions don’t want to play nicely with the chemical substance.


Second- it has a down time of about a month before I can resume normal everyday activity. Then two months of total hearing loss in that ear (this will be in conjunction with the down time). It will be packed and need time to fully heal before the doctors can remove the protective packing. Then the inner ear will have packing as well which will dissolve on its own. This will take an additional month to heal and get back whatever hearing I’ll be able to get back. It is likely I’ll get back about eighty percent of my hearing. Praise the Lord!


Thirdly- No hearing for a blind person, even in just one ear is completely life altering.


I will be functioning off of a single ear to navigate most of my world. I’d be dishonest if I said that was only a little unnerving. Balance is off, perception is off, awareness is off… everything is just off. The funny thing is, I knew I had hearing loss but I just adapted to it and life went on. I didn’t really think about how my life could be made easier if I had my ear repaired thus restoring my hearing.


Have you ever thought about our spiritual hearing? Our ability to hear Gods’ voice?


It really makes me think about my spiritual ears, how I have just adapted to only hearing God sometimes. About how I question if I’ve heard God correctly.


“Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says ‘today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion’.”  (Hebrews 3:7-8)


Oh, how many times have I heard His voice and hardened my heart.


God whispers “Your husband would like you to tell him you appreciate him.”


I reply “He knows that already God, I don’t have to say it again.”


God whispers “Your children need encouragement from you.”


I reply “But they didn’t do what I asked them to do last week. they don’t need encouragement; they need to listen.”


God whispers “You should call that person I’ve laid on your heart to call.”


I reply “I don’t have time right Lord. I’m trying to write something that will impact people for You.”


I wonder if the doctor can operate on my spiritual ears too. I think I’ll ask the “Great Physician” to do this job.


I want to hear the Holy Spirit more clearly. I want to hear Gods instructions for my life. Even if it takes three months of prayer, taking it easy from my everyday spiritual activity, letting my spiritual ears heal, to be able to gain back my spiritual hearing, then Lord help me to do just that.


I’ll let God pack my ears with His word. I’ll let His words block out all other noises. I’ll let His words muffle the enemies lies of “you’re not capable of reaching other people for God”.


The hearing loss I have is a result of abuse I suffered at the hands of someone who told me many lies about my self-worth. My spiritual hearing has been damaged from someone else who has told me the very same lies.


Friends don’t let the voices of the world determine your worth! Jesus… the creator of the entire universe, died on a cross for your worth. No one can value you more then God!


Muffle the enemies lies with Gods healing word. Pack your spiritual ears with His word and let the healing begin!

10 thoughts on “I Didn’t Hear You…

  1. Thank you so much for these inspiring words Cyndi. They are so full of truth

    I pray for guidance and direction for you to know what you should do


    1. Hi Annie! I’ve missed hearing from you my friend. I hope all is well with you! Thank you so much for your prayers. I plan to have the surgery and make the healing time a time of really listening to God. I pray my journey unfolds as inspiration for His honor and glory. Blessings to you and don’t be a stranger 😉 xoxo


      1. Cindy

        I read everyone of your posts but am not always able to respond. So happy to see your writing again and am looking forward to more of your work


    2. Oh I completely understand. I’m just happy to hear from you and know your still sitting at the table. I hope you enjoy the recipe and get a chance to have your people around your table to enjoy it with. Blessings 🙂


  2. Cyndi
    What a powerful spiritual & personal offering you have poured out for us.
    Thank you for your vulnerability.
    I needed this so much this am.
    Praying His healing grace over you today & all those who read it.


    1. Oh Rene your words humble me so much. I love hearing from my readers and who I feel have become my virtual friends. It is what keeps me writing. Thank you so much for your continued support. I love and value all of you!


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