I have a prayer I’d like to offer…

There has been much going on around us lately that has been on my heart so heavily.


The earthquake in California, wayward children, unequally yoked spouses, deaths and losses, financial instability, caring for aging parents and the list goes on…


Will you join me in this prayer just now?


Father in heaven, we have many requests to bring to You tonight. Lord we think of those who have been victims of the California earthquake. We are so thankful for those who are safe but we want to lift up those who have suffered. Father many have been misplaced from their homes. They have lost all of their belongings. Possibly loved ones and or pets. Father this devastation is likely to be long lasting so we pray for patience and renewal. Lord much more then the earth itself has been shaken.


Father many of us have children that have chosen paths that are unhealthy or destructive. Lord we pray that they will return to You. We may have taught them Your ways and now they are determined to walk their own way. Lord we ask that You make them restless in their own choices. Give them no peace about their decisions. Father if they have strayed to far for us to reach them, we pray these sheep have ears to hear the Shepherd.


Lord we may have a spouse that does not share our love for You. We ask for Your guidance in how to lead them along the path to Your grace. Help us to be gentle in the leading Lord, just as You have been with us. Give us the tools we need to help cultivate that relationship and help them to have open hearts to hear Your truths.


Lord we may have aging parents that we are caring for. Father we ask for You to give us patience and endurance as we lovingly care for them as they once did for us. Provide proper assistance Lord and if need be, provide the financial means needed. Help us to care for them with dignity and grace.


Father we may have a loved one battling a terminal or debilitating illness. Maybe it’s  a disability that is life altering. Lord we pray for guidance to help them but not belittle them. Give us wisdom to know when to help and when not to. Grant us patience and forgiveness as they travel this challenging road.


Lord we may be feeling fear or frustration over the loss of a job or death of a life-long dream. Help us to know Father, that You are in control and have the ending already planned out. Help us to trust fully in Your plans for us to spite our disappointment. Your ways are higher then our ways so help us to cling to that knowledge. Take away our fears and give us eyes to see Your provisions.


We bring all this to Your throne Father along with any other requests. We pray all of it with confidence in Jesus Holy name, Amen.


I hope this prayer was of some comfort to you. I will pray for any other requests that show up here in the comments or you can private message me on Facebook or Instagram. Blessings to you all.


2 thoughts on “I have a prayer I’d like to offer…

    1. EDJ I’m so pleased you feel that way. I hope it was of comfort. We all have so much we are facing. If there is ever a prayer request you have, feel free to ask and I’ll most definitely pray. Blessings to you my sweet friend 🙂


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