Father in heaven, may the words written here be pleasing and acceptable in Your site. In Jesus name, Amen.

Welcome, welcome everyone grab your seat at the table and let’s dig in.

Have you ever found yourself in a trying situation and wondered if God saw it happening?

Have you ever gone through something heart-breaking and questioned where God was in all of it?

I think we’ve all been in those moments. Probably more then once. I know I have.

A loss of a job… “God are You there?”

The unexpected death of a loved one… “God can You see me at all?”

Your dream just doesn’t seem to want to come to fruition… “God don’t You care?”

The child you’ve raised to know the Lord is now making choices that leave you drying your eyes. “God how can You let them just walk away like that?”

I’m sure you can fill in all sorts of blanks here. We want to “feel” that God is very near when tragedy strikes. After all, aren’t we told in Gods’ word that He is an ever-present help in time of trouble? (Psalm 46:1)

But then there are those times that we just bask in His nearness. We feel His presents and just glow with His love evident on our faces. We boast of His blessings in our lives and sing His praises loud and proud.

In those moments, we forget how we had questioned His presents in times of trouble. We share with others how we simply bring our problems to the Lord and give them all to Him in complete trust that He will work everything out for our good.

Then trouble strikes and… there we go again.

Do you remember the terrific Fall special, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”?

It is by far my favorite holiday special of that season still to this day.

Here is poor Linus sticking to a belief in something that everyone thinks he’s foolish to believe in. Ever-faithful to her commitment to Linus, Charlie Browns little sister Sally wants to show her support.

After learning what it is Linus is waiting for in the pumpkin patch, Sally wants to share in his faithfulness and wait right along with him. So, there the two of them sit waiting. Linus shares his belief with Sally and she is skeptical but trusts her pumpkin patch partner and waits patientlyAfter some time passes, the gang of friends happen by the leafy over-grown patch and mock the pair of pumpkin dreamers for waiting on something they can neither see nor touch. Sally jumps to Linus’s defense and shouts to the crowd “He’ll be here” (referring to the Great Pumpkin) “You can bet on that! Linus knows what he’s talking about… Linus knows what he’s doing!”

After the gang is out of ear-shot, Sally whirls on Linus and shouts at him “ALRIGHT, WHERE IS HE?”

Isn’t that how we can be with God? I know I have. I sing His praises and tell of how He answers prayers. I defend Him to those who mock Him and declare that He is always present and sees all things. I rebuke those who claim He’s not real. But when tragedy strikes, I’ve found myself asking “ALRIGHT, WHERE IS HE?”

Friends one of the things that we must cling to is that we do not have to “feel” Gods presents, to “know” God is present.

As the verse in Psalm 46;1 promises that “God is our strength, a very present help in times of trouble.”

We can be assured that He does in fact see all things and knows all things. He hasn’t lost track of you my friend.

When we are hurting in those times of trouble, be comforted that God, like a good parent, is holding us and rocking us and telling us He is there.

Can’t you just hear Him saying, “Shhh,Shhhh… it will all be OK, Daddy’s here.”

When we feel tempted to doubt, hold on to the words you speak on Gods behalf when others question His goodness. Remember that He is near even if it doesn’t feel like He is. He loves you and will be near to you when you call on Him.

Let these words from Sally be the ones that echo in your mind… “He’ll be here, you can bet on that!”

2 thoughts on “ALRIGHT… WHERE IS HE?

  1. So good! You’re analogies are the best. Now, I want to go re-watch “The Great Pumpkin” 😁 Happy Fourth of July!🇺🇸


    1. I so love that special!!! Ever since I was a kid it’s been one of my favs. Along with A Charlie Brown Christmas of course. it’s among the first things I pull out in the fall. Happy 4th to you as well my faithful friend 🙂 Remeber this 4th of July, the freedom God has given us too! Freedom from condemnation. Blessings.


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