Knock, Knock, Knock… anyone home?

Father in heaven, My prayer is for You to be seen and heard through this faulty human instrument. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hello my friends, welcome to my table once again. There is a place card  with your name on it. I hope your full after being at my table.


Look for “Foody Friday” to begin on July 5.


Have you ever dropped over to a friend or neighbors house, perhaps with a yummy baked goody that you made just for them, only to discover that they are not home?


Maybe another  situation has happened to you like finding out that your friend or neighbor is having a get-together and you were not invited.


You again dropped over and are now looking through the glass of the front door and watching everyone enjoying delicious food and humorous conversation. But you are on the outside looking in.


You see everything happening, you can even hear the laughter and smell the food, but you are not part of the event.


Often times we can feel so left out of things. It doesn’t have to be big things or even important things.


Remember those horrible days in Junior high when it was time for the dreaded gym class activity of dodge-ball? As if dodging a ball isn’t torturous enough in and of itself, add in the humiliation of being the last person standing against the wall to be chosen.


Watching everyone running around laughing and having fun while you stand way out in the out field because… well… you were the last person chosen after all. That feeling of not being included is so… solitary, isn’t it?


So often, when I was in school, this feeling was part of my life. Not to many people wanted to “answer the door” when I knocked. They might “catch” my eye disease or even worse, they might have been caught being my friend!


Don’t get me wrong, I had friends. They are who made those school years tolerable. But there was always the “outside looking in” feeling that followed me around. I had to watch other girls be cheerleaders. I had to watch my friends get their drivers licenses. I had to watch other people get after school jobs and gain independence.


As an adult, I have learned to appreciate my friends successes and rejoice with them. I’ve watched friends get new careers, homes, church positions and ministries. I’ve been happy for all of them. I’ve helped them move into those new homes, or listened to what a great new job it is and I am truly  excited for each and every one of them.


But I would be dishonest if I didn’t say I have felt the feelings of knocking on the door of opportunity, only to hear echos and say the words “is anyone home?”


I have felt like my knuckles have wrapped on that door so much, there must be an imprint on it by now! HA.


Knock… Knock… Knock. Anybody here?


Our move to Florida felt like an answered door. But that door slammed shut. Thankfully we had a chance to get our fingers out of the way first!


But I want to share with you a door that will be opened any and every time you knock on it.


Luke 11:9 says “and I tell you, ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.”


Jesus is just waiting on the other side of that door for us to knock on it. There is no need to ask if anyone is home. He has His hand poised on the door knob. I mean one knock, and that door is comin’ open, so you don’t have to knock very hard. He will definitely hear you and He is ALWAYS home!


Ya know, He knocks on doors too. Sometimes He is met with crickets. But He has a promise for us about His knocking.


Revelation 3:20 says “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and opens the door, I will come into him and sup with him and he with me.”


We don’t use the word “sup” very often these days. we generally use the word dine or eat. Many translations use these types of words and that’s fine. However, I had done a search on the word sup. It means so much more then dining. It is a fellowship. Becoming one with. An intimate time spent together in sharing and communicating. I like that definition a lot!


I want to be filled with the fellowship and intimacy of Jesus, don’t you?


If you hear a gentle knock… knock… knock, open the door of your heart and sup with your creator. He loves you so very much and you are never the last one chosen. He also has the perfect timing for those opportunities that are reserved for us.


I’ve learned that my opportunity to be a published author is already tagged with my name and reserved for me. I will trust Him with my dreams and goals. Will you allow Him to have yours too?



4 thoughts on “Knock, Knock, Knock… anyone home?

  1. Such a beautiful, timely reminder Cyndi! Believe it or not, just moments before reading your post, I prayed and asked God to help me know what to do with my feelings of someone I love being left out and looked over. He reminded me that I have so very much to be thankful for and then I opened your email! Wow! Thank you for allowing Him to speak through you, yet again! ❤️


    1. Oh Tonya… Praise God! This is such a blessing for me to read. The feelings of being over-looked are so heart-heavy. It is difficult to watch a loved one deal with it just as much as feeling it ourselves and the devil knows this. Pray and put up the shield against the enemy. Blessings to you my friend 🙂


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