Part 3– Bakers Chocolate

Well we are here at the last part of this three part series. I didn’t call it the conclusion because it most definitely is not the end of the story. I’m sure you are scratching your heads a little at the title. Well let’s get into it then huh?


As I walked back and forth from one side of my bed to the other, pulling sheets up and straightening blankets, I was listening… again, to Job.


I smoothed wrinkles out from the sheets that had recently been a mess resembling my emotions. Perhaps I was trying, in vain, to smooth out my rumpled feelings along with the sweeping motion of my hand across the flower patterned flat sheet.


The wrinkles disappeared but seemed to reappear in my heart. I would try in vain again, to put the misplaced pillows in order and tuck the cheerful yellow bedspread under each mound, and it seemed as though each little flower  was mocking my pain.  I never wanted to run from the comfort of my bed or climb back into it, in the same thought, so much in all my life.


I kept listening to the bible and nodding my head in agreement every time Job was speaking and conveying his heart break. I thought my neck was on some sort of spring that just bobbled back and forth, I was nodding so much. But then a set of verses jumped out at me…


The whole thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth chapters of Job, God steps boldly into the picture. He begins to, in His Fatherly wisdom, gently rebuke Job for continuing to question Gods’ reasons for allowing such calamity to befall him. Job has gone on with this for thirty-five chapters, don’t forget. Now God is telling Job to pull himself together.


Do you remember having to tell your own children, or be told by a parent, after many sniffles and or wails, “OK, that’s enough now. There is no need to carry on this much.”


This was God being the good Father that He is. Please take some time and read these two chapters, but don’t miss Jobs’ response in chapter forty verses three and four, Job answers the Lord and says:


“Behold, I am of small account, what shall I answer You? I lay my hand on my mouth. I have spoken once and I will not answer, twice, but I will proceed no further.”


Woe! Job got the message. You see God will allow a grieving process for His children. But He also wants us to put our trust in Him that He knows what He’s doing and we need to pull ourselves together (so to speak) and let Him move us forward.


God tells Job in verse seven, to dress for action like a man. He goes on to tell Job to adorn himself with Majesty and honor.


In our trials, God still has work for us to do! It is often work to be done that comes out of that trial. Sometimes we want something so badly that we question why God wouldn’t give it to us.


We get so caught up in our grief that we can’t see that God has something better. We can’t possibly see anything negative in our desires. But there may be negatives that we refuse to see, to spite Gods’ all knowing wisdom.


I remember in my mothers kitchen, there was a cabinet that held all sorts of baking goods. It always smelled of cinnamon and chocolate. I loved the smell of that cabinet.


It held something I would always beg my mom to let me have. It was the biggest bar of chocolate I’d ever seen! Oh how I wanted to grab that candy bar and dive in! I had visions of sitting down in front of my favorite show (which was Little House On The Prairie BTW) and breaking off one delectable square after another. Devouring every chocolaty piece, licking the melted goodness off my fingers.


After many many warnings to NOT eat the chocolate however, my mother had had enough of my begging and pleading. I simply didn’t trust that she knew what she was talking about. I mean it was chocolate after all! How in the world could it not taste GOOD? She, in her motherly wisdom, gave me just one square to try. She unwrapped it, I took hold of it in eager expectation and plunged the whole square into my mouth.


As was expected by mom, my mouth pursed, my nose wrinkled, and my eyes went squint y.


“Y U C K!” I shrieked, quickly spitting the bitter disappointment out of my mouth. Mom responded as you might expect… “I tried to warn you.”


Friends this experience has taught me that sometimes I ask things of God that I’ve been asking of Him for years. His answer had always left me with the desire to keep asking for that thing. I feel now that the desire I’ve had may be another version of that bakers chocolate. It seems sooooooo good and I just want to dive right in. But our good and wise Father knows the bitterness of that desire.


My mother let me taste the thing I was certain would be good so that I didn’t blame her for simply keeping something wonderful from me for no reason. My dear readers, our Father, in His infinite wisdom and not wanting us to see Him as unfair, allowed just a taste. Enough to see that Florida may not be right for us now. Maybe never, but I trust my Father to warn me against other versions of bakers chocolate. Will you trust Him too?


Gods’ chocolate is so much richer anyway!



5 thoughts on “Part 3– Bakers Chocolate

  1. Ohhhhh Cyndi! What an AMAZING analogy! This is one I hope to always remember. Your faith and this unique perspective is truly admirable. “Oh for grace to trust Him more”.


    1. I love that hymn Tonya. My intent or hopeful intent is to bring some tangible understanding or relatable object lesson for others as well as myself, of God. His amazing love is such a gift and I want to receive it as well as share it. Thank you for your comment my friend, my faithful reader 🙂


    2. YAY! To be very honest… it’s still my favorite show. I actually own every season on DVD. Plus some special edition ones. I think it might be time to have a marathon soon! Wish you could sit around my literal table with some snacks and coffee, tea, or … and watch them with me, lol.


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