Oops, I Forgot…

Oh I did something yesterday in my post that I really don’t like doing. I’ve done it before and it has weighed on my conscience heavily.


I forgot to put the most important part of the blog piece… the bible verse!


As we discussed yesterday, we need to fill up on what God has to offer. He will not only give us a few bites, but fill us up completely and still have more for us to save for later.


We find this example in Matthew chapter 14…


Here we see Jesus healing the sick all day and when it grew late, He told His disciples to feed the people. They were tremendously confused as to how to do that with so many people and so little food. But of course Jesus never asks us to do something without supplying the means in which to do it.


Now picking it up in verse 20, the Word of God says… “and they all ate and were satisfied, and they took up twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over.


Here is the example of Jesus not only providing what is needed but doing it in abundance. He does the same when we want to be filled with His word. This is our “eating until we are satisfied” time with God each and every day. There will never be a shortage of Gods spiritual food for us. So eat hardy my friends and saver every bite!

Thank you for allowing me this extra tidbit. After all… THIS is the real meal!”

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