Easter Wishes

I just wanted to send an Easter greeting to you all! This Sunday we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. But let’s not forget the sacrifice that God the Father made as well. He willingly gave His beloved Son to be the barer of all my sins and that of the whole world. Even those who would not accept the free gift of forgiveness were on His mind when He made the plan a reality.

I have a son, but I couldn’t imagine sacrificing him to anyone, let alone those who hated him. God the Father embraced His one and only Son before He left His home in heaven and knew what was to come. Jesus followed the plans exactly and endured such horrific acts on account of my sins. He was mocked, flogged, beaten, spit upon, rejected, nailed to a cross in humiliation, and ultimately surrendered His earthly life all so we could live with Him forever.


What a gift!


As we gather together at our dinner tables this Easter, or if we reflect in solitude on these sacrifices, may we remember and understand just how much God loves us. He loves each one of us. That includes you!

Read John 3:16 and insert your name where it says For God so loved—-.


Happy Easter to all of you! May you be blessed by His gift of eternal life!

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