Do I really have to go in the deep end?

Oh Father, we ask for your words to be spoken here. In Jesus name, Amen.

Ahhh, spring seems to be getting closer and closer. Technically it’s already here pool with an inflatable flamingo raft, two standard lounge rafts and a tube, all bright colors.according to the calendar, however the temperatures might tell a different tale. The sunshine is a delight to see and feel. It can appear to be opening the first chapter of warm weather. We begin planning out our flowers and vegetable gardens and uncovering the patio furniture. If we are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool, we may even begin the prep work on getting it ready for the laughter and splashing it is sure to provide. Along with some wonderful memories.

I remember going to a family friend’s home during the summer when I was a kid. They had a large above ground pool complete with red wood decking. Rafts and water wings were aplenty. These friends were so welcoming and giving. They often had big beach towels sitting out right beside bowls of chips and platters of hotdogs. All of us mer-people who spent ninety percent of the day in the water, may as well have taken up residency at Jan and Ken’s house. They were always like second parents to us.

Ken and my father were close friends and the types of dads who were in the water almost as much as us kids were. They were often tossing us over their heads, walking into the deep end with one of us atop their shoulders, or coaxing someone who was just learning to swim to come on in and they would hold onto them.

On more than one occasion, my dad or Ken had a hold of a new swimmer, water wings snuggly in place, and slowly inched them off the side of the pool, into the shallow end. Clinging to their necks for dear life, the little guppy would ease themselves down into the water and discovered they could still touch the bottom. This allowed their confidents to grow.

After some time splashing in secure depths, one of the dads would begin coaxing again to lead the child a little deeper. Still able to touch and arms still inside the bright orange pillows of life support, the child would tippy-toe down the slope a little further toward the deep end. Holding onto the hands of a father, they still felt secure. Now was the moment of truth. Would the little fish with wings venture to territory where they could no longer touch the bottom?

The Father still held onto the child and slowly floated the child to depths that they had to hold on to the Father. Then came the removing of the wings. Scared and unsure, the panic ridden tot would say “I can’t touch… I can’t touch!”

You know what the Father would respond with?

“But ‘I’ can touch… and I’ve got you.”

Do you feel like you are drowning right now? Do you feel that things are over your head and you can’t touch bottom? Friends we have a Father who wants to lead us into a deeper relationship and a deeper trust for Him and He has a hold of us!

Isaiah 43:2, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned and the flames shall not consume you.”

Our Heavenly Father desires us to have full trust and faith in Him. I’m experiencing this deeper trust as I write these words. I’m having to put full confidence in the Lord in a way I’ve never had to before. Our Father wants us to know that we don’t need to touch bottom or have bright orange water wings to hold us up. He is all the security we need. He will not let us drown. Just as a child learning to swim, they put full trust in their daddy that he will hold them up.

Even if our earthly daddies weren’t there to hold us up, our heavenly Daddy IS there to hold us up! He will never let us go. Trust in Him. Remove the water wings, don’t worry that you can’t touch bottom, and hold on to your Daddy.

I had this recipe I found but tweaked it with a few different ingredients. It’s hardy and filling. Just like the presence of God…

Red Flannel Hash

6-8 large Beets

6-8 Red skin potatoes

Turkey ham

1 large Red onion

½ cup chicken broth

½ cup maple syrup

2 tbl. Butter melted

1 tbl. Honey

Half tsp. salt

Hot sauce (optional) to taste

Pepper to taste

Mix chicken broth, syrup, honey, salt, pepper, melted butter, and hot sauce (if using) together in small bowl. Set aside. Cut Turkey ham into approximately 1 – ½ inch chunks. Cut red onion into slices. Scrub clean then cut red potatoes into quarters or 8ths if they are larger. Cut beets into bite size pieces that are the right size for you. Place these prepared items into crock pot. Pour syrup mixture over the turkey ham, beets, red potatoes, and red onion. Mix well. Turn on low and cook for about 7 hours. This would be perfect to cook over night and have breakfast ready when you get up in the morning! Dish up a plate full and snuggle into your space with God and have your time with Him.


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