Free Gift With Purchase…

Father in Heaven, send Your Angels ahead of this message and open the hearts and minds of all of us to hear You Lord, Amen.

Oh how awesome to receive a free gift when you have purchased something, isn’t it? I Store front with a sign outside that says free gift with purchaselove seeing the advertisements that say “Free Gift With Purchase”. My favorite place to get a free gift is Bath and Body Works. I love their products! I always look forward to their holiday sales that will often include a free gift when you make a purchase of $10 or more. Then there is their buy 3 get 3 sale which is awesome too! I purchase three body care items and get an additional three items free! Whoohoo! I can get a lot of gifts with that kind of sale!

It can, of course, depend on the free gift— whether or not it is worth anything to us. Ever seen that “free toaster” with your purchase of say, $1,000,000? Not exactly an even tradeoff there. Especially if you already have like six toasters stored away in your basement. The value of that free gift is determined by the person receiving it.

Around my daughter’s birthday, she wanted to go to a couple of her favorite makeup stores because they had a special offer to their perks members, of which she is one, that you get a free birthday gift… NO purchase necessary! Now your talkin! This was very valuable to her because as a seventeen-year-old, she loooooooves makeup. We hit all those stores that offered this whopper of a deal to get her free gifts. I in turn went the next month to get the same birthday free-bees, however, it wasn’t the same thrill for me as it was for her. I still love to get free gifts though.

What type of free gift holds value for you?

How about if someone gave their life so you could live? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate free gift?

Matthew 20:28, “Even as the Son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

Friends, there is no more costly gift than someone’s life. Our free gift with purchase is just waiting for us to receive. Jesus offers it to us each and every day. We need only to accept it. We did not have to make any purchase, but there was a purchase involved. Jesus bought us with His very blood! He made the purchase but we get the free gift that comes with it. But it is only as valuable as the receiver deems it to be. God values you and I so much that He gave His one… and… only… Son, so we could live forever in eternity with Him. Now that’s value! Can you imagine sacrificing your only child so that someone else could live with you? Not only that, but that sacrifice would be rejected by so many.

There is no gift that can top that gift. God knew what it was going to take to redeem His people who willingly chose to sin against Him, but He did it anyway. I could never make a purchase as costly as Jesus made. But I am so eternally grateful that I get the free gift of His purchase. Aren’t you?

And now for the physical food…

Creamed Corn

We could go to our local grocery store and pick up some cans of creamed corn, but making it homemade is so much richer and tastier. It is easier than you might think! If you freeze your own corn, then use about six cups for this recipe. Otherwise you can freeze canned corn in the off season or like in my household, you simply run out of fresh before summer.

3 cans corn; frozen (pour into freezer bags and freeze overnight)

½ stick of real butter

1 8oz. block of cream cheese

2-3 Tbl. Sugar

In large sauce pan or Dutch oven, break up frozen corn to fit in pan. Place butter in pan with corn. Cut up cream cheese into cubes and drop over corn to coat top with cubes. Sprinkle on sugar. Cook on medium heat about 20 minutes or until steaming and cream cheese and butter are completely melted. Serve with burgers and fried potatoes and… mmm-mmm. Hope you like it!







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