What is happening

Ocean waves coming to shoreFather in heaven, I ask that those who will be reading this see Your words and not mine. Lord, remove all human involvement in these words and let Your lite shine through so very brightly. In Jesus name, Amen.

I have not been putting those prayers up as I had mentioned wanting to do. I was convicted of that on this post. I have had a very strange couple of weeks and just kinda wanted to share with you what’s been going on.

My neighbor’s husband passed away VERY unexpectedly. Their fifteen-year-old daughter came home from softball practice and found him. As soon as we heard about it, my daughter and I went down to her house. We found her in the exact same place and posture as we did two years ago in the same month right after she received the news that her son had just been in a horrific car accident and did not survive. Grief filled the space in their home that had just hours earlier been filled with hugs and kisses and promises to see each other that night at the dinner table. I held her while her body shook with emotion. My daughter retrieved a cool wash cloth for her red swollen eyes. We just did what we could.

Just a few days after this happened, my daughter’s beloved pet died. We had gotten our kids each their own bunny for Easter about eight years ago. (Real original, I know) She had gone in to feed them both as they roomed together in a large bunny hutch. She found him and of course tears followed. This had been her first pet that was her very own. We had been planning our yearly trip we take as a family and were leaving just a few days after this happened. The two bunny bro’s have never ever been apart. They were literally brothers. It was sometimes hard to tell them apart. When I would hold them up on one shoulder, they looked like a pair of bunny slippers. This became their nick-names. We feared my son’s bunny would meet the same fate while we were gone on vacation. My brother-in-law was coming over to the house to check on them and our kitty.

The day after we arrived, we got the dreaded call, “the other bunny has passed away”. Once again, a time of grieving. We had learned of a girl who had been in a terrible accident and they didn’t expect her to make it. She didn’t. Not someone we knew well, but another tragic loss.

Then I received a call just one night later.

I have written before about my two life long girlfriends that I took a trip with last summer. One was approaching her first anniversary after her husband’s untimely death. The other, Nina, had a sister that we all three called our little sister. She never really annoyed us like younger siblings can tend to do. She was just like that kid sister that wanted to be with her three cool older sisters, and we usually let her. She looked up to us and we didn’t mind having her around. Of course, as adults, we’re not that far apart in age anymore so we all had marriages, kids, jobs, homes and all of that in common. Erin (kid sister) still clung to some of her youthful ways like having a thing for boy bands, but she could share that interest with her daughter.

Whenever we got together, she always came along as adults. We never really made the distinction that she is Nina’s sister, she has always been all our sister. I love her, we all love her. Just two nights ago she and her daughter were going up the road to grab some dinner when they were broad-sided pulling out of their neighborhood. Emilee (the daughter) received minor injuries. Erin, like any mother would do for her child, took the worst of the impact. She died instantly.

My kid sister is gone. I’m out of state, Nina is out of state, Erin’s parents are out of state. Thank God our other third, Paula, was not far away. She went to the hospital and saw Emilee. She was doing amazingly well. She said there was such a peace as she saw her mother take her last breath just seconds after the crash. Thank God Erin’s thirteen-year-old son was not with them but he too feels a peace about how everything happened. Erin had been raising her kids to know and love Jesus. They obviously do. What an inspiration they are in this whole thing. What a testimony to Erin’s mothering. We will stay connected to Erin’s children thus remembering her forever. There will be a missing link in our chain that has linked our friendships, no, sisterhood, but she will be celebrated whenever we get together. I’ll miss her terribly, but I’ll learn a lesson from her amazing kids to find the peace and trust that God will be with her kids and they will lean on Him. Isaiah 40:31, “Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength…”

With all the things happening and me not doing very much cooking right now, I will return next week with some sort of recipe. Maybe one I have tried while on vaca. Blessings to all of you and I’ll see ya next week at the table.

6 thoughts on “What is happening

  1. Too many losses…. Too many… and we are experiencing losses, it seems, faster, suddenly, and without making any sense!!!! Hugs, prayers and listening ( to your honest words) Recipes can wait and truly, while appreciated, are not necessary right now…. grieve and be still. One day, one moment at a time. Here to share hearts.


    1. Oh Elke, Thank you so very much for your kind words and support. You’re right, these losses don’t make any sence and are happening way more often then I ever remember. I can’t be there for the funeral because I’m out of state and can’t get back in time. My extended family understands this fully, but it still breaks my heart. Thank you again for claiming your seat at the table. I look forward to hearing from you again.


  2. Cyndi, so shocked and very, very sorry to hear of so many losses you and your precious family are experiencing. Please know you all are often in my thoughts and especially in my prayers.🙏🏻❤️


    1. Tonya as a writer, words shouldn’t escape me, but when kindness such as yours reaches me… words escape me. With tears in my eyes, I give you my heart felt appreciation for your thoughts and prayers. We don’t have to have met face to face for your prayers and words to be felt. Imagine us sitting at the table together with a cup of coffee, tea, etc., as I clasp your hand and say Thank you my table friend.


  3. I didn’t see a way to comment, so wanted to let you know I’m so sorry about all of these tragedies surrounding you. Praying for peace for you and those you care about.

    Joy Dickinson


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