I want the pilot to lose my baggage

an empty baggage claim conveyor belt at an airport
It’s so good to have all of you at the table today. Have any of you flown before? Has anyone gotten to their destination, only to discover that your baggage has been lost? Oh how this can put a very large crimp in your plans. I have not actually had that experience myself… yet. But it is a fear I have. Not that I fly a lot mind you, but we took the kids to Disneyland and when they were younger and I had nightmares before the trip worrying that our bags would fall from the underbelly of the plane scattering little T-shirts, sundresses, and those embarrassing items that you would prefer that no one see, even if they would never know it belonged to you!

I dreamed of having no clothing to spend an entire week in a place like Disney Land, where you and your kids are getting dirtier by the minute. Spilled drinks or food, sitting on all those rides, and of course sweating immensely throughout an 80 degree day at an amusement park. I envisioned having to hand wash every article of clothing every night in the hotel sink, repeatedly making calls down to the front desk asking for more bottles of liquid soap. I figured on wearing damp clothes every morning. I dreamt of this calamity for weeks before our trip. Thankfully this horror did not occur.

I have had friends this has happened to and they have shared the experience with me. Doing similar things to what I had envisioned having to do. Some articles were washed in sinks, some were wearable for more than one day, and new clothes were purchased to replace a few of the lost ones. It was not a pleasant event though in any of the situations I have heard about. In fact, most people get down right ugly when this happens. Yelling at the airline attendants, filing complaints against the airline, demanding refunds… we’ve all seen or heard of these actions being taken. I’m sure I would be on the list of complaint filers.

But another thought occurred to me. I wonder if anyone has ever been happy about their bags getting lost? Can you imagine a person getting the news that their bags were lost from an airline? They pause a moment, then a smile spreads across their face. They proclaim “that’s awesome! I hated those bags anyway! I also hated everything in them!”

“Um… what?!” is the response I can imagine the attendants having. “Yes” this person says again “I’ve wanted to dump that baggage for years. I’ve wanted to dump the contents of that baggage too!”

“But… but…”, the attendant sputters, “Uh, the pilot is responsible for your baggage, sooooo…”

“Wonderful! Where can I find Him to thank Him!” the person replies.

Oh I want to have that experience! Friends Jesus is the Pilot! He can rid us of all our baggage and all of its contents. He is flying the plane if we will let Him and He has placed our baggage where we don’t have to see it. Then while we are in flight, He releases that baggage over the ocean. Micah 7:19, “Once again You will have compassion on us. You will trample our sins under Your feet and throw them into the depths of the ocean.”

I want my baggage lost in the depths of the ocean, don’t you? I can just imagine my life’s plane directly over the deepest part of the ocean and the Pilot opening up the belly of the plane and… woosh! All my baggage falls out and breaks open from the force. Its contents flying in all different directions! Scattered so much that there is no possibility of recovery. Friends, Jesus is longing to be our Pilot and He longs to dump your baggage for you over the depths of the ocean. Won’t you let Him loose your baggage for you? No need to file a claims report, no need to stand at the baggage claim looking for your baggage. Just let the Pilot fly the plane and loose your baggage!

Well often times the food on planes isn’t all that terrific so let’s see if we can find something better eh?

Shepherd’s Pie

a serving of shepherd's pie on a plate1 lb. ground beef or turkey (to make this vegetarian, use 1 large can vegetarian baked beans)

Approximately 6-8 large potatoes

1 can corn

1 can tomato soup (no water added)

If using meat; brown in fry pan. Drain. In 9 x 13 casserole dish empty contents of tomato soup. Spread evenly in bottom of pan. If using beans; no tomato soup is needed. The sauce from the beans is enough. On top of meat/beans empty contents of corn and spread evenly over meat/beans. Prepare potatoes for making mashed potatoes or simply use box potatoes if you prefer. Drain softened boiled potatoes. Add butter and milk to the consistency that you like mashed potatoes. (maybe just a smidge thinner so they are easier to spread) Frost the corn with the mashed potatoes. Looks like a cake! Preheat oven to 375 degrees and bake 30-40 minutes. Prepare some gravy to pour over top if you like. Serve with rolls. MMM-MMM.

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