Learning important lessons from my dog

Hello again friends and welcome to my table! I hope you all had a fabulous week. Do any of you have a dog? I have a fifty pound Retriever mix who loves to play with anything that’s full of air. Balloons, bubble wrap, packing pillows… literally anything filled with air. If we get any sort of package delivered to the house, she is right there, paws on counter, just waiting to see how many packing pillows or bubble wrap bubbles she gets to “kill.”

Our loveable Winnie is most definitely a member of the family. She is loyal, faithful, loving, honest about her feelings… Hmm… she has the very qualities I long to possess! Well, let me examine this a little more closely.

When I come home from somewhere, Winnie doesn’t ask me questions like “what are you doing here” or “why are you wearing that” or “how much money did you earn today”. No, she simply wiggles her way up to me, excited that I’m present to spend time with her. She flops over onto her side, belly exposed, ready for a good scratchin’. She doesn’t ask me to wash my hands first, she doesn’t ask me to change my clothes, she doesn’t even ask me to show her my pay check to see if I’m worthy to pet her.

I sit on the floor cooing at her while rubbing her chubby belly. She gazes lovingly at me with an expression that says “I love you and I’m so glad your home.” We spend a few moments like this, appreciating one another, and I think of all the people who can’t seem to accept me for the way I am… blindness and all. Those who would rather not work with me because I “probably wouldn’t be able to do ‘such and such’ anyway.” People who find MY “affliction” their biggest burden. People who can’t see past my disability to see my capability.

But Winnie, she just loves me and doesn’t care about any of that. She teaches me to love unconditionally. She teaches me to look past all my imperfections and see who God created me to be. Even when others seem to look past me because I can’t look at them, I am still Gods child. In Jerimiah 1:5, God says “I knew you before I formed you in your mothers womb, before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my profit to the nations.” Before I was ever born, God knew me and He is the very one that formed me!

As I ponder this scripture and the thoughts of my value to spite my blindness, I’ve heard God whisper to me “I see you. You are MY daughter.” Sometimes learning to love and accept unconditionally means loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally. Even if no one sees us, God does see us, and we are His children. I don’t have to seek approval or strive to be seen because God already sees me… and friends, He sees YOU too! Love yourself with the unconditional love that your best furry four legged friend does. No need to measure up to expectations. God is just waiting to have us come to Him and He is waiting there with arms open wide and saying “I love you and I’m so glad your home.”

Well our unconditionally loving buddies need goodies to eat too, so here is something a little different. This is something your pooch will love and devour…

Liver Snaps dog treats

img_53011 carton (1.25 lbs.) raw chicken livers (found in meat department)

1 cup rolled oats (or steel cut, which ever you prefer or have on hand)

1 cup unbleached flour

1 egg

1 tsp. dried parsley

Empty carton of livers into a blender. Add the egg. Snap down the lid and chop until livers are liquified. In separate medium size bowl, place flour, oatmeal, and parsley. Sift together with hands. Pour in liquified livers and mix well. It will be similar to cake batter. Grease 9 x 13 cake pan. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Pour batter into pan and gently shimmy pan back and forth to level out the batter. Bake for 15 minutes. Let cool, then cut into approximately 1-1 ½ inch squares. You can keep some in the fridge for up to a week. Place remaining livers in freezer for up to 3 months.

My dog is completely hooked on these so they most assuredly don’t last 3 months. This is a great alternative natural treat for your best bud. Oh, BTW… Winnie eats them frozen as well! Crazy dog!


6 thoughts on “Learning important lessons from my dog

  1. Cyndi, this is BEAUTIFUL! Yes, we have 2 dogs, Honey and Lucas, and their unconditional, enthusiastic love is REFRESHING and INSPIRING! Thank you for reminding me of this sweet truth.


  2. Cindi

    So well written!!! You break things down so simply and beautifully.

    I have always focused on what other people think of me. I am often in a tizzy because I perceived annoyance or resentment from someone. But your reading reminds me that I need to be like your golden retriever or a little baby just happy to hang out near my daddy God who is always with me.

    Help me God to focus on this important truth


    1. Hi Annie! Girl I know just how ya feel with that. I have always had this need to please, or rather prove myself capable because of my blindness. Our Father in heaven doesn’t need that proving or that pleasing in the way people do. He just wants us to spend time with Him and show our love for Him in the way we interact with other people, and He loves us for that. I listened to a podcast today on this topic. It’s called 413 by Jennifer Rothschild. You may want to check it out. What you said about breaking things down… that is my whole purpose for this blog! I’m so happy to here you feel that way. See ya soon here at the table.


      1. Cindi

        Just wanted to share this with you. Three years ago I started this new job that require me to commute 45 minutes each way by train
        On my first day I realized I needed something to do on the train and decided to start reading. I reached to friends and got recommendations for main stream books- all highly rated. I bought one book but remembered that in the past some of these books played with my mind. I was afraid of opening a door to sin and ugly thoughts. As I was rushing for my train I asked god “ do you want me to read this book”
        The answer was immediate- “ ditch the book – I will give you something to read”
        Thankfully I obeyed. Over the past three years I read proverbs 31 daily devotional and from there discovered Jennifer Rothschild. Discovered Lynn cowell and then discovered you
        It’s been an endless supply – beautiful English , carefully woven stories – satisfying me in every way

        God provides and meets our every need


    2. Annie I am responding to you on this post because for some reason I can’t on the second one you posted… Let me start by saying that your words have humbled me in ways I can’t explain. My hearts desire is to serve the Lord through writing. When someone responds to that writing the way that you do… it makes all the work worth it! For you to be moved by the words God has given a faulty human instrument such as myself, is a prayer answered. I can often feel that maybe I’m not making any difference with writing. However your kind encouragement gives me inspiration to keep writing. I have 2 devotionals being published in a Womens Ministry devotional book in 2020 and that is very humbling too. But real words like yours are much more special. I am writing my first book and I pray God uses that to reach people as well. Your place card is at the table for next week my friend. See you then.


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