My word for 2019

Since many of you shared your word for 2019 after reading Beth Vogt’s post a couple of weeks ago, it inspired me to share mine as well. I had never really thought about a special word like that to focus on until last year. My word for 2018 was “whole.” But I needed to rid myself of the words like “broken,” “damaged” or “unusable”. I also set three goals for myself in 2018. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet those goals in the way I had hoped. I do feel However, that I have made progress on being “whole.” After reading, praying and talking with many spiritually lead women, I feel I can let go of those negative words. In fact, I’ve written quite a bit more on the book I’m writing on the subject. This will be part of my 2019 goals.

I have chosen my word for 2019. It will be (drum roll please), “Renew.”

Psalm 51:10 says, “Create a clean heart in me, oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

I want to be Renewed by God in this new year. Renewed in every way! Spiritually, physically, in my writing, in my acts of obedience, in my relationships, and so much more. I love that Psalm 51 says a “steadfast spirit.” The word “steadfast” means- – Firmly fixed in place. Unwavering. WOW! Wouldn’t it be awesome to be fixed in place where our faith is concerned? Unwavering in our relationships?

As I move forward in this ministry, I want to be steadfast in my faith that God will grow it in His timing. I want to make the commitment to be present for my husband and kids. I want to be fixed on the word of God and in turn being His hands and feet. That’s the beauty of a new year. We get to “renew”.

This was just a quick note to share my word with you all. Will you choose a word? Pray and ask the Lord what He would have you to learn about in this new year.

Well as you know, the holidays are a bustling time of year. We all need some time to rest after all the festivities. I’m going to take some time to be present with my fam and get “renewed” for the new year. We have lots of left-overs ‘round here as I’m sure that you do. Finish off those yummy goodies and I’ll have a recipe for you in the new year. I’ll meet ya back here at the table on January 9. I can’t wait to see how the Lord moves in this brand-new year! Happy New Year!!!!

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2 thoughts on “My word for 2019

  1. Cindy

    I love the word renew!! I am in need of renewal- renewal of my mind and my thoughts.

    I have beeen thinking of my “word” since last weeks post. I chose “surrender”.

    I have come to the realization that my success and recognition at work consumes me. It occupies my thoughts constantly.

    I surrender all to God. I choose to work for him. I want to tune in to his prompting and that means no longer seeking approval from outside.

    I let go so that I don’t miss my purpose for the temporary.

    Stay blessed cindi


    1. Oh sweet Annie, (I like the play on words there),
      These are such wise words and such a powerful word like surrender to begin a new year with. We should begin all new things with surrendering it all to our Heavenly Father. I can relate to the desire for recognition. Sometimes it can feel more important to have the accolades from people because they are audibly heard… tangible if you will. Knowing we have all the recognition that is needed by God is a process we are all going through. As I hit the ground running in this new year with writing my book, my prayer is that I have a renewed sence of purpose and a surrendered heart to let God direct the direction of this blog and my book. We’ll be on the journey together my friend! I wish I could put into words how much I value you as a faithful reader. All my table folks mean the world to me. I value your comments and interaction, so thank you so much and I’ll see ya soon!


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