Celebration time!

Hey everyone! There is a celebration to be had! Around The Table is one year old this month! Par’tay!

two small dogs, one wearing a party hat, are sitting amongst party decorations and plates of treats

To celebrate, let’s sit “around the table” and read something a little bit different together. This is something unusual that all of you haven’t seen from me before. Interested? Well stick around the table to find out what’s new!

If you love to share gifts with your friends and family at this time of year, tell them there is a place setting with their name on it here at the table. There is plenty of room for everyone. My faithful table family will receive this freebie next week along with new family members as a special Around the Table birthday/Christmas gift. Tell folks to head to:


And sign up to get Table posts in their inbox weekly, as well as periodic bonus posts!

Or forward the email with the link to make it as easy as possible for friends and family to get the freebies.

Thank you all so much for pulling up a chair and getting full at the table. See you in a few days with the surprise gift for the birthday party.

And be sure to subscribe to the blog.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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