What… she’s pregnant?

Hello again my friends. I would like to make just a little adjustment to my blog posts…

I would like to begin them with a short prayer:

Father in Heaven, I ask that You remove me from this post and stand in my place. Let these words be Yours Lord and let them be heard from You and not me. Go before this post is read and be with those who are reading it. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you for allowing me this addition.

I want to tell you a little bit about a young woman who found out a bit of shocking news at an unexpected time. This young woman discovered she was pregnant when she was quite young. Around fifteen years old or so. She was frightened at first. She was confused, alarmed and uncertain how to handle this news. She knew the talk about her condition would not be kind. People would whisper as she walked by, looking condemningly down their noses at her. Then there was the dreaded task of telling her fiancé that she was with child… and it wasn’t his baby.

As she stood ringing her hands and pacing the floor, she mulled over her options. She could simply disappear from her community so no one would know, including her fiancé. She could pray that her husband to be would be understanding about this and marry her anyway, although in reality that was not likely to happen.

Oh how she agonized about this situation. Her mother was presumably not available for consultation since she never mentioned her as being able to talk to. For that matter, neither was her Father. She did, however have a trusted cousin she could turn to for advice. So much so that she spent three months with her to discuss, plan, pray, and just talk as women in a similar situation. Ya see, her cousin was also pregnant. She was farther along than her youthful cousin. The older cousin’s pregnancy was a shocker as well. Her age too was a bit scandalous. Though she was married, it was something unusual to be having your first child at such an advanced age.

Both women leaned on each other in their situations. The younger woman, feeling more assured of her situation. She returned home to her soon-to-be spouse and shared the news with him. He was understandably upset and initially wanted to break things off and go their separate ways. So now she has no parental support, fear of judgment from her community, and no shoulder to lean on from her beloved. She was alone.

But she felt a calling on her life and a reason for this pregnancy. She remained faithful to that calling. She trusted in the bigger plan.

It’s a good thing she did. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a savior.

The young woman we are reading about here is the young betrothed Mary.

I pray that I would have this kind of trust and faithfulness this young woman had. Blindly trusting in such an outlandish and unpredictable plan. Sometimes life throws us some major curve balls and we have no control over the outcome or the events surrounding it. But if we will trust in the bigger plan, it can have amazing, outrageous, lifesaving results!

This young woman was certainly terrified and unsure of how she would get through this. But ultimately she trusted in her Lord and His plan for her life. Even when she had no one to lean on at the beginning of the journey. She got the news and faced it without another person to face it with her. But she was not alone. Her Lord was her shoulder to lean on. That’s all she needed to get through the initial shock of what was to come. God did give her people to lean on after she told Him she would trust Gods plan for her and be completely willing to go along with all of it. If we are willing to follow Gods’ plans, no matter how crazy they may seem, we just might be surprised at what He has in mind. Will you trust Him with your plans? Will I?

I want to share a homemade gift idea with you for this Christmas season. Many times, we need a little something for a teacher, nail tech, hair dresser, secret Santa and the list goes on…

This is inexpensive and adorable for anyone… and it’s homemade!

You will need:

  • 1 whole orange
  • ¼ cup cinnamon candies
  • ½ tsp. nutmeg
  • About 6 cranberries
  • 1 large/2 small cinnamon sticks
  • About 10 whole cloves
  • Holiday cellophane treat bags with ties

Slice the orange in half. Place it and all remaining items into bag and tie shut with the tie. Voila! Homemade potpourri! Add a tag with the directions to place items in a medium sauce pan with water and simmer for a home filled with the fragrance of Christmas! I plan to use a few of these myself this year.

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