Sink or swim

Well I just got back from a little overnight stay at an indoor water park with the fam. We try to go to this park every year on the off season. Since my kids have been home-schooled, we are not bound by certain days off from school in order to go places like that. It’s kinda a hobby of my husband’s to see how good a package deal he can get on these little mini vaca’s. He’s honestly really good at it too. We got a beautiful hotel room that had two separate sleeping quarters with an intimate little living room area including a fireplace. Two bathrooms for convenience and balcony overlooking the water park. It was quite lovely.

Well as you might imagine, racing down water slides with jets spraying water at you from all directions and twists and turns, not always being aware of which direction you are going, might not be so great for someone with vision loss. But ya know what? I had a blast! I’m almost forty-five-years old and as long as I can physically handle the rides, I’ll keep going. Even if I lose the rest of my sight, I’ll keep going.

I spent a relaxing time on the lazy river with my husband (who tried but sometimes faltered, to keep me from going under the waterfalls). I raced at top speed down the Zip Coaster with my daughter, then sister-in-law, then niece, then husband… multiple times. I went on a slide that took us around and around like we were being flushed with my hubby, sister and brother in law while I screamed my fool head off. Incidentally, my throat is a little scratchy today. We ate, we laughed, we splashed, we chilled in the hot tub… well I guess chilling in a hot tub is kind of impossible, but you get it.

The point is, if I let my blindness define me or dictate what I do or don’t do, I LOSE! I miss out on the experiences that create wonderful memories. Sure, there were times on this trip, like others before, that I had to take a time out to regroup and settle a bit. However, I’m inclined to think that since I was huffing and puffing climbing umpteen thousand flights of stairs, I didn’t need the break because of stress to my eyes. No, more like I’m getting older and much to out of shape… sigh!

Holding the arm when needed of the person I was riding or walking with, I just embraced and enjoyed the time with my family. I trusted them to lead me and I can walk up steps with no assistance. So why not grab all the experiences I can? I can not let my disability stop me from doing the things I love or am able to do. Blindness has robbed me of enough, I’m not going to willingly give it anymore. My fear can not rule my choices. Of course, there are things that are not possible for me to do and I don’t attempt those things. But those fall into the category of robbery. I hope to fulfill my bucket list items (or at least some of them) over the next several years. I want to parasail, visit Ireland, do more hiking, speak as the Lord asks me to and open doors for, and other things along the way.

Friends, even if you don’t have a disability, you can experience much the same robberies. The enemy will try to rob you of your faith through fear. Life altering things can happen to shake your trust in Jesus. A death of a loved one can leave you feeling hopeless. These are the things Satan tries to use to rob you of Jesus. If we have a trust that goes beyond what is based on what we see, then that trust is concrete. Just as I trusted my family to lead me at the water park, we need to take the arm of our Lord and Savior and let Him lead us. Psalm 18:2 says “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold”. This verse gives me the promise that God is steady. No matter what is going on in my world, God is there. When a war is going on, soldiers back in the day used shields to protect them and they trusted those shields to work. Fortresses were designed to be the ultimate in safe places. A rock is quite a handy place to stand on if the ground around you is sinking.

Oh my dear readers, as we sit here at the table together, let me encourage you to hold the arm of the one who sees where to go even if you can’t. He wants to lead you and He will protect you in the twists and turns of life. Not necessarily from the twists and turns, but through them. As the water rushing down the slides carried us along with it, I knew there was going to be someone I trusted at the other end to catch me.

Don’t let the enemy rob you anymore. Put your trust in Jesus and take His outstretched hand and let Him lead you. I could have chosen to stay home and let my family go without me thus letting my heart sink with disappointment. But I chose to tell my blindness what we were going to do and I jumped in the wave pool to swim. Jump in with me.

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