My new little addition to the family

My hope and prayer all along this journey of blogging has been to bring some encouragement, hope, inspiration, enlightenment, laughs and many more things to my readers. Our family is a small one at this time and I dearly adore all of you. I would love to hear from each and every one of you so feel free to Email me with your thoughts, prayer requests, family traditions, favorite memories, or just anything you wish. I welcome everyone at my table and there is plenty of chairs for anyone who wants to join our Table family. You are a very important member of this family and I want you to know how much I value your place at the Table.

When we look at Jesus in the Bible, He is often extending hospitality to others. He is also asking for hospitality to be extended to Him as an example of how we are to treat one another. He calls down Zacchaeus from a tree and tells him that He wants to come to his house (Luke 19:1-10). Zacchaeus was overjoyed to have Jesus come and stay with him. Hospitality was given to Jesus.

There were other examples of Jesus extending hospitality to a large number of people on a few different occasions. Such as is found in Mark 6:30-44… Jesus had been feeding a large number of people the spiritual food they craved. But as the hour grew late, He instructed the disciples to now give them physical food. Jesus used what was available and God multiplied it to be enough for everyone with leftovers! I love that Jesus simply used what He already had. No need to go to the grocery store.

There were other times that Jesus provided spiritual food and then physical food. He knew that both of them were needed.

So, with that being said… my first desire is to share spiritual food. My second is to extend hospitality at my physical table and at my virtual table. Starting October 3rd, I will be adding a recipe for a family favorite dish at the end of my blog posts. I am excited to add this element to the blog because it helps me to carry out in a very tangible way, some of the ways Jesus reached people— by meeting a need. We all eat so I really want to make this a part of our time together. One of my three goals I had set for myself for 2018 was to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a more real and tangible way. Well I must admit to you that it hasn’t gone quite as well as I’d envisioned. This is one way to make a step forward in that goal. Along with the ideas I already had in mind to do here locally.

I’m so grateful that God gives me new opportunities every day to begin again. Honestly, I haven’t done very well with any of the goals I set for myself, but I don’t want to focus on the things I haven’t done. I want to look ahead to the new opportunity to begin them again. We can’t change what we haven’t done, but we can choose to do them now. I hope the new addition to the family will be something you will enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts on this and if you would like to get recipes to add to your recipe box or file or however you organize your favorites. I look forward to hearing from you and blessings to you all!



2 thoughts on “My new little addition to the family

  1. Hi Cyndi! Thank you for your encouragement. I read several blogs and devotionals each day. I scroll through what I received in my inbox when I wake up and decide which ones to read first. Yours is always one of the first. I can relate to your writing because you are real and raw. I appreciate your honesty and imperfection 😉 Please keep ’em coming! I think a recipe would be a fun addition. I don’t enjoy cooking. Maybe a new recipe or 2 will inspire me.
    May God continue to bless your journey!


    1. Hi Melani! I love your name. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Yes, maybe a new recipe will help you to find some enjoyment in cooking. I didn’t like cooking when I first got married. I think it intimidated me lol. But after learning some easy and tasty recipes, I got more interested in cooking.As I read scripture, I always seem to notice when Jesus extends much needed hospitality to someone. I also notice He always seems to meet that immediate need for a meal of the physical scence and the spiritual one. I am so honored that you find inspiration here at my table and I will always have a place card for you with your beautiful name on it. Blessings to you and happy cooking! 🙂


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