Renting from God?

Years ago, when my husband and I got married, we lived in a manufactured home. After about one year, we bought an acre of property and moved our home to that property. Times got hard and money was tight. We wanted to refinance the house to get a lower payment and in order to do that, the bank wanted a breakdown of our expenses. We obliged and gave the requested information. We received a call from the finance officer who told us in no uncertain terms that this bank wouldn’t even consider refinancing us until we stopped this frivolous expense of paying tithe.

Now this is not a condemnation or sermon or anything about paying tithe. I’m just giving a background as to why we now rent. We refused to stop doing what the Lord asked us to do and they refused to work with us. So consequently, we filed bankruptcy on the house and we had to move. We have chosen to continue renting so that if God asks us to take a ministry somewhere other than here, we can go and not be tied by a house to sell.

So, we rent our home but it doesn’t feel like it’s not our house. We can paint, we can hang stuff on the walls, we could do anything that we would choose to do if we owned our house. It’s really been wonderful. This has made me think of renting in another way.

When we rent or borrow something from someone else, we usually take good care of it lest we return it damaged. The thought of giving something back to its owner in a less than good condition can stress us out.

Or if we rented something from a store like Home Depo or a tent rental company, there would most likely be a fee involved if it came back damaged. We take care of our rental home, not only because I would take care of my home anyway, but also because I wouldn’t want to damage the landlord’s property. I mean, could you imagine loaning your car to a friend and they bring it back with the front end smashed in? They simply toss you the keys and say thanks for letting me borrow the car then walk away. What would your reaction be? Probably not good, right?

Isaiah 43;1 says “But now thus says the Lord, your creator, oh Jacob and He who formed you, oh Israel, do not fear for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name, you are Mine.”

We rent all that we have from God. Our children, our possessions, even our own bodies. In my last post, (How can I call myself a Christian?) I mentioned that the way I talk to, talk about, treat… my family has been on my heart a lot lately. Also, how I treat my own self. Getting enough water, how I talk to myself, how much time I spend with Jesus, all of those things. If I wouldn’t dream of returning a borrowed item that has no feelings or character, in poor condition, I shouldn’t let my family or myself return to God in poor condition. I want to be more mindful of the Lord’s possessions and their value. He holds them in the highest regard, so I should too. I love the people God is renting to me. I’m learning to love the me God has rented to me also. If we can view everything as belonging to God, we might see much more value then we’ve ever seen before. What do you think?


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