Aren’t my sins too big to be forgiven? (part 2)

Welcome back! Pull up a chair at the table and let’s get back to King David’s story (if you missed part 1, you can find it here). When we last were together, King David slept with another man’s wife against her will, got her pregnant, tried to cover that up by making her husband think it was his baby, then when that plan fails, ultimately has him killed while trying to defend David’s kingdom! Whew. Let’s see what else ol’ David is up to…

As the battle is under way, several of the king’s soldiers died and among them was… you guessed it… Uriah. One of the chief soldiers, Joab sends a messenger to the king to let him know that several of the men have died in battle and one of them is in fact Uriah. The king simply responds by telling the messenger to tell Joab, “Well, don’t lose any sleep over it. After all, men die in battle all the time.” Now that’s a pretty callus attitude.

When word is taken to Bathsheba that her husband has been killed in the battle, the bible says she lamented over her husband (verse 26). I looked up the dictionary definition of “lamented” and it said, “A passionate expression of grief or sorrow.” Now, I imagine this poor woman falling to her knees when she learns of her beloved husband’s untimely death. She covers her face with her hands and cries, body shaking, heart crushing sobs of which she feels in that moment there will be no end. Can things get much worse for Bathsheba? She has been through such horrible things both physically and emotionally, now the one person who would help her through all that was dead. How? By the hand of the King.

Bathsheba is stricken with an amount of grief to completely undo someone and David, the one who caused it all, is saying “No worries, it happens.” Allow me a little scratching of my head for a second. But wait, there’s more. After a time of morning (this was approximately 1 week), David sends for Bathsheba to come and live with him and be HIS wife. Just seven days after losing the love of her life, she is to be the wife of another. I suppose that David might have been trying to do a good thing by taking Bathsheba in after her husband died. There wasn’t a lot of options for women back then after they were widowed. However, I’m inclined to believe that David was still just interested in making Bathsheba his own. Verse 27 says that David brought her into his house, but what he did displeased the Lord.

There came a time that a man named Nathan was sent by the Lord to see King David. Nathan told him a story of a man that had a large flock of sheep but didn’t want to slaughter and prepare one of his own sheep for a guest so he took the only sheep of a poor man. This sheep was not just property, it slept, ate, drank and grew up with the man’s family and he loved it like one of his own daughters. Ever had a beloved cat or dog like this? I have. It was terribly painful to lose her. Well David burned with anger that someone could be that heartless and demanded that the man who stole the poor man’s sheep to be punished by death. Then the defining moment happens. Nathan utters the words that David hears like thunder. “You are the man.”

Like flashes of lightning, David replays all the deeds he has done and reality crashes into him like a cannon. I imagine all the color drains from his face, his shoulders slump, and his eyes close. He doesn’t deny any of it. Nathan delivers a “thus says the Lord” message as David hangs his head in shame. Crown falling to the floor, palms on his forehead, he listens to Gods message of “didn’t I give you everything? Didn’t I make you king and ruler? Didn’t you have enough?”.

David feels empty, shameful, loathsome. But then Nathan tells him “The Lord has also put away your sin…” and there it is… forgiveness. David rose to fame and acquired much power and it all went to his head. God knew that David was what He called a man after God’s own heart. David loved the Lord at his core, but he let power overtake logical thinking. But as soon as God brought it to his attention, David saw his own sin and came back to God. After everything David did, all God needed was for David to recognize it, admit to it, and ask God to forgive him… that’s all!

Friends God doesn’t need or want a laundry list of good deeds to make up for our sins. He doesn’t need or want us to carry those sins and their burdens for a said amount of time before He can forgive us. What He desires is a repentant heart and then an open heart for Him to come in and let us start over with Him. God loves each and every one of us… including YOU! All you need to do is simply go to your knees and say Lord forgive me. I want to have You in my heart and life from this moment on.

He truly desires you to ask Him to live with and for you, no matter what has been done before. Just ask Him.


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