Aren’t my sins too big to be forgiven?

Have you ever felt that your sins are just too many and too big for God to forgive them? I have. When I was younger, I used to steel make-up from the grocery store just to see if I could get away with it. When I turned twenty-one… party time! When I wanted to be noticed, I did things to get noticed. I compromised my safety at times so my blindness would be over-looked and I could just fit in with what everyone else was doing. I know there are worse things that people have done and there are worse things that I have done. But no one has done something that God couldn’t forgive them for if they were truly remorseful. I want to take you on a little journey in scripture for a moment and look at someone who did what might be considered the unthinkable.

Let’s visit a Shepard boy turned King by the name of David. This story can be found in 2 Samuel chapter 11. The whole of this chapter regales what happened so I encourage you to read it for yourself. But here we will discuss the points of interest. So here we have King David who already had a few wives but saw Bathsheba on a roof top and decided he wanted her as well. Now Bathsheba was already wed to Uriah. However, David paid no attention to that fact. He sent for Bathsheba and as the people were obedient to the King, she came to him. Verse four says that he “took” her. Translation— he raped her.

Then to make matters worse, she reports back to David that she is pregnant. So David’s quick thinking jumps into action and he sends for Uriah to come to him. When Uriah gets there, David begins to shoot the breeze with him; So, Uriah… how’s things? How is everyone doing, how is the war going? David is simply making small talk to put Uriah at ease.

The King then tells him; Hey you really need to just go on home, wash up, have a hot meal, and spend some time with your wife. Translation— go home and lay with your wife so it can look like she got pregnant with YOUR child. But noble Uriah tells David; No way could I go home to hot food, a clean bed and my wife waiting for me in that bed while the King’s men and all the treasures of the nation are at risk, I’m staying right here at the King’s home to protect it along with the other men. I get a mental picture here of David face-palming as his plan was foiled. Then King David invites Uriah to eat and drink and stay with the King. David gets Uriah drunk thinking he will certainly go home now and be with his wife. After all, he’s drunk! Nothing doing. Uriah remains with the men. The King has had enough of his plans to cover up his sin getting messed up. Now he means business.

The King puts a direct order in writing to one of the chief soldiers to put Uriah on the front lines of the war and move everyone else back. He even had Uriah himself hand deliver his own death sentence to this soldier not knowing what the letter said. WHAT! Now that’s gutsy! This soldier still tried to do what he could to help Uriah. He put him on the front lines as he was commanded but he placed him where he knew there were valiant men in hopes that Uriah might have a fighting chance. However, Uriah did not survive the battle. King David has now taken another man’s wife knowing full well she was married and raped her. He’s gotten her pregnant and tried to make it out to be her husband’s baby and then ultimately has him killed. Hmm, I don’t know about you but that seems quite sinful.

Oh, dear friends this story is not over. Next week I will share the rest. Fasten your seatbelts because King David isn’t done with his scheming yet. But there is also hope yet to be discovered. Join me back at my table to discuss the rest of this amazing story. My prayer is that you will find encouragement at the end of it.

P.S. I thought it befitting to talk about this man who died in battle serving his country this week. However, I must share with you that this wasn’t my initial intent when I wrote it. After I read it back, the Lord pointed this fact out to me. God is amazing like that. Blessings on your week and I’ll see ya soon!


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