Molding with clay

My daughter is homeschooled and we found a great co-op to be a part of so she gets some social time that is also beneficial. They offer enrichment classes that consist of anything from writing to archery to life skills and so on. My daughter thought it might be fun to take a clay class where they make fun things like mini gum ball machines and mini snickers bars. I have a little s’more that she made for me as a key chain. I’ve seen them make hot dogs, tacos, cannoli and so much more. My little girl’s imagination begins to play out all the ways a child could pretend with all these items. It makes me wish I was a child again. Or at least make sure no one is in the house and just play with them anyway!

Someone who has a crafty hand and endless imagination could create any number of things. I watch all the kids in that class, heads bent, hands working the clay over and over. They add different colors to the layers to create the desired effects. Folding and turning the clay, it begins to take the shape of what they imagine it could be. When they have finalized the project, it must be baked to harden to keep its shape. Then it must be painted with a glaze to protect it from chipping or to give it a shiny finish.

The kids have different ideas for what they will do with their treasures. Some will hold them for their own use and keep them safe. Some will gift them to a friend or parent. Some just make them to make them without any intent at all except they love to make them. But whatever the reason, the process to make them is the same: choosing, molding, baking, glazing and then it’s finished and ready for use.

God has much the same process. He chooses you and me for a particular purpose. Then He molds us to be flexible and in the right shape for what He has in mind. Then He adds color to our lives to give us more experiences to draw from. Then He refines us by heat to strengthen our faith and character. He will take a final step and coat us with His glaze to help us shine for Him. Friends, God sees the potential in the un-crafted and unmolded clay of our lives. He sees the beauty it can become. He also knows what it takes to make it beautiful. Just like a sculptor, be it a child or a seasoned artist, if all the steps are not completed, there will be a product that might look strong but folds under pressure. If I were to have put my s’more charm on my key chain before the whole process was completed, it surely would have been smashed and disfigured and looked nothing like my daughter intended for it to look. God has an intention for us and if we will allow Him to mold us, we can do amazing things for Him. Jeremiah 18:3-4, Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something on the wheel. But the vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the hands of the potter, so he remade it into another vessel as it pleased the potter to make. (ESV)

A potter will make a vessel with a particular purpose in mind and if it is not turning out the way he or she intends, they will start over. The potter does not throw away the clay, he or she simply starts over with the same clay. God can remold us as many times as it takes to bring forth what His intended use is as long as we allow Him to. Be the clay in the hands of the master potter.


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