Hey we need to talk. Are you alone?

I want to talk about this feeling that so many of us feel far to often. We can feel so very alone sometimes. Like no one sees us, no one hears us. When I was in school and I was the only one who was legally blind, I felt alone. When I was in college and no one knew how to teach a legally blind person to use the computer so they just threw up their hands and pushed me through anyway, I felt alone. When My friends were getting careers and moving ahead in life but I was getting left behind for not knowing computer advancements, I felt alone. When it seemed like no man could look past my disability and see who I really was, I felt alone. When I came to the conclusion that God had made me this way and now I was to figure out why on my own, I felt alone.

If we allow everyone else’s negativity influence how we feel, that can make us feel very alone. We hear people telling us how we need to do things in our lives or what we need to say to someone who has hurt us, or even how to raise our kids. That leaves us with thoughts of “they just don’t get it.” So, if no one “get’s it” then no one can relate to how we feel, resulting in aloneness. Whether we battle depression, anxiety, rejection, anger, betrayal, disability, or anything in between, it can feel like an uphill journey that we have to make alone. Let’s face it… even if someone has gone through the same situation, they only know how they felt going through it. Much the same way that we know how we felt going through it. We can empathize with them and they with us, but ultimately, we only know absolutely how WE feel. I have a friend who has very similar vision to mine. We’ve often thought we might have the same eye disease but since they cannot diagnose me, we can’t say for sure. Even though we have a lot of the same challenges and struggles, we react differently and move past it at different times based on our ability to do so. Something might be harder for me to deal with than it is for her, even though we both have some difficulty with the same thing. I also have a friend who is totally deaf without her hearing aids and though we both can share our frustrations and obstacles, we can only claim that we know something of how the other one feels.

However, we are not alone! We have a savior who has battled all these feelings too. He was not accepted in His own home town of Nazareth. Everyone thought they knew Him so they assumed this couldn’t be the Messiah. They just couldn’t believe that someone they knew personally was the savior of the world. Jesus then felt alone (Matthew 13;57). When He asked His disciples to pray for Him the night before His crucifixion but they couldn’t stay awake to do so, Jesus had to face what was to come…alone (Matthew 26:40). When He came to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10), but people mocked Him and rejected Him, He felt alone. When He was bruised for my transgression (Isaiah 53:5) and hung on a tree with a torn back and people spit on Him as He carried that cross, He felt alone. Jesus knows the heartbreak of feeling alone. But guess what? He also knows what it feels like to have His Heavenly Father comfort Him and assure Him that He is NOT alone. God desires us to lean into and onto Him in those times of loneliness. He can fill that empty void. Like a puzzle piece, God is the perfect size and shape to place in that hole that is in your heart.

When we are going through something that no one can understand… God can! He is the all-knowing and the all-powerful God. Friends if we come to Him, heart-burdened, he will make a heart restored. Jesus has already walked this road and knows it’s twists and turns. Let Him lead you on the journey of knowing that no matter how alone we feel, He is right there to fill your empty cup.


2 thoughts on “Hey we need to talk. Are you alone?

  1. Having had chronic illness, several surgeries, and financial issues, feeling lonely is not something new. But I do find that not only is Jesus with me, but I can reach out to others online who understand. That’s why I run a group on Facebook that uplifts those in trial.


    1. JoJo that’s so awesome that you have a page like that. So many people feel this way far to often and no where to find company. Thanks for your comments and I would love to know the name of the FB page you run.


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