Greetings from Cyndi… Again!

I want to welcome you to my table once again. I want each and every one of you here to feel like a family member with a specific space at the table. When my family and I sit down to dinner at our dining room table, no one asks where each person is sitting. In fact, if for some reason one of my kids sits in another chair, the other one will say “why aren’t you sitting in your own chair?”

There is a place for everyone at our table and I want you to feel that you have a place at my table too. We all live life and we all have struggles. We all have trials and we all have victories. Let’s share them around the table and do life together. I love to have people in my physical home at my physical table just as I do here at this table.

This is a place to pray, vent, laugh, cry, learn, grow, and everything in between. Some people don’t have that place to sit and talk or share feelings or just listen to other people’s situations to learn from. I want this to be that place. Invite other people to join us here. My table is big enough for all of us. I want you to look forward to joining me each week (and sometimes more often then that) because I look so forward to greeting you all here.

When my husband comes home from work, the one thing he loves is for me to greet him at the door with a smile and a kiss and a welcome home hug. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen but I try to do it frequently. It says to him that I’ve looked forward to him coming home and he is always happier when I can do that. Everyone feels more welcomed and valued when they are greeted at the door. I am here now to greet you at my virtual door. I truly want you to know that I value you and appreciate you stopping by. I wish I could literally offer you some tea or coffee and a delicious blueberry muffin (or whatever is your favorite) and we could actually sit around the table and chat. But I’m so pleased you took the time to sit at my virtual table.

I read Romans chapter 16 today and ya know what I discovered? A majority of the chapter was filled with greetings. Paul wanted several of his friends and helpers in the faith to be greeted. He wanted them to feel valued. I never really picked up on that before. I often see the greeters at church and give them a friendly hello, it’s good to see you, and go on in for church. But after reading this chapter I realize just how important greeting people is. When we are greeted anywhere, even at a restaurant, it makes us feel more included. How many times have you been to a restaurant and no one greeted you when you walked in? Didn’t you feel a little like “Hello, does anyone see us?” I definitely have. I’ve left a restaurant for such an encounter.

So go and greet someone today. It doesn’t have to be a grand opening type greeting, just let your loved ones or your neighbor know you see them and it’s good to see them. It sure is good to see all of you here at my table. I have a standing “bring a guest policy” so feel free to invite a loved one, friend or anyone you think might enjoy sitting with us around the table! Thanks again for stopping by and it’s good to see you.

4 thoughts on “Greetings from Cyndi… Again!

    1. Hi Clare! Hope the weather is good in North Carolina. I’m going to be live tonight on FB if you would like to join us 🙂 would love to have you at my table. 7:00 pm. Just search aroundthetable365 in the search bar on facebook to find us. Blessings


  1. Yes! I know many women look down on “old fashioned” traditions, but they WORK! I always try to greet my husband at the door with a cola or a water, and if I wasnt too wrapped up in my work, I have dinner on the table. He appreciates me so much, and does so much in return as a thank you.

    As far as greeting others, I need to work on that! I’m always subconsciously drawn to people who take the initiative and introduce themselves, so I need to start doing that as well- it’s so powerful and welcoming.

    Thank you for sharing, I needed this today!


    1. Sarah I’m so glad you shared your thoughts on this. We (talking to myself mostly) can underestimate just how inviting and as you said… powerful greeting someone can be. Thanks for your words.:)

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