Why date nights aren’t that special to me

I’m sitting here typing this post while awaiting a much-needed date night with my hubby tonight. We are also on a much-needed vacation on the beach. He is a very hard worker and a very awesome husband and Dad. However, like most married couples today, it’s difficult to get quality time together. Our kids are both in their upper teens so there aren’t the diaper changes, bottle prep or babysitters to get anymore. But somehow life hasn’t slowed down yet. We seem to be coming and going even more then when our kids were in the pre-driving days. I must add here that I am so grateful that the days are upon us that both my kids are driving. My daughter is still in the permit phase, but she’s almost legal. Since I don’t drive, it’s been a journey along the growing up years. Always asking for drivers for my kids, being limited on the activities they can do… But that’s another post all together.

Back to date night… Here we are on this get-away and I’m not looking forward to this evening like a normal wife would. You see, in unfamiliar areas I get a bit clumsy. If someone leaves a chair out or worse yet, is sitting in said pulled out chair, I could run into it. I can’t read the menu so here we sit, two adults, and my husband is reading me the menu like I’m a preschooler. (He does not in any way talk to me in that way, it’s just how I feel)

A lot of wives love to sit across from their groom so they can gaze longingly into each other’s eyes… I can’t see his eyes. I have to have him walk me to the ladies’ room, help me to my chair, put dressing on my salad, the list goes on. So I don’t enjoy date nights like I should.

But then there is another side for me to look at. My husband doesn’t have any qualms about taking me out on a date even though he can’t do a lot of those things with me either. He can’t tell me he loves me with his eyes. He can’t sit and enjoy his meal while I head off to the restroom. It takes him twice as long to order because of having to read the menu to me. But ya know what? That’s exactly how he loves me. By being my eyes. He plays music that he knows I like to tell me he loves me without words. He only reads me the choices on the menu that he knows I would choose from because he knows me that well. He walks me to the ladies’ room to be sure I don’t get lost or hurt, he protects me. None of the things that make me insecure as a wife phase him at all. These are the very tools he uses to love me with. It’s the same with our heavenly Father. He uses the very things in our lives that we struggle with to draw closer to Him.

As we pray for God to guide and direct our steps, we follow in those steps, thus He is loving us. Just as I trust my husband and take his arm for guidance, we are to take our Lord’s arm and let Him guide us. This is the very way He shows His love for us. He reads us the menu of our lives through His word. He gazes lovingly at us even if we can’t see it. My husband will say to me to just take his arm and follow him. My Father in heaven will tell me the same. In the four gospels, Jesus makes the request to follow Him eleven times. My reluctance and fear of getting hurt forces my husband to say that eleven times a date! I imagine he gets a little bothered by the fact that I pull back on his arm sometimes, fearful that I will trip or run face first into a wall or post (That has happened), just as I’m sure Jesus gets a little bothered when He is leading me but I’m still fearful of the journey. Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” When we cannot see our path because of darkness, we want a light…Jesus is that light. Jesus is the guide we need to be our eyes and show us where to go. Won’t you trust Him with being your eyes? Even if you have 20/20 vision, His vision is better.

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