Beauty isn’t in the eye of the scolder

I would like to tell you a little bit about my daughter. She is an amazing young woman who has a passion for the Lord and people. She is active in our church and her youth group. She has a lot of friends who see her as a true-blue BFF and they often turn to her in their moments of tears and trials. They also want to share their joys with her. They all value her friendship and think she is beautiful with a kind loving heart. But like most teens today, she sees the mirror as her enemy.

With so many Youtube videos on make-up tips and morning routines picking out the “perfect outfit” and endless hair styling how to’s, it’s so easy to feel… less than. My daughter who is valued and loved by all her multitude of friends and family feels… unworthy. My beautiful blue-eyed blond haired God fearing daughter doesn’t feel that she measures up to the standards of the Youtube greats. She will stand in front of the mirror and see all the things she isn’t. She listens to the father of lies and scolds herself for not looking the way the secular world says she should look. She volleys with different make-up and hair styles, trying to find the “right” one. She tosses this shirt and those jeans on the floor declaring they don’t look “right” on her. The tears flow from both her eyes and mine as I try once again to point out her many, many beautiful qualities.

The verses in the bible that describe beauty as something that fades in time but a virtuous woman is forever only carry so much weight at this age. But then I will ask her what she thinks and feels about when her friends talk like that about themselves. She says “I don’t know why they think that way, they are beautiful.” “Does it make you angry?” I ask her. “I wouldn’t say angry but it kinda makes me sad that they see themselves that way.” She says. “Don’t ya think it makes God sad when you talk about yourself that way?” I will often pose that question. She will stop and think for a moment and then replye, “Well they have no reason to feel that way, I do.” A little disappointed that she goes back to that statement, I will still take some comfort in that one moment that she paused to think about God being sad. One moment will grow into two and then three and then…

I never thought of feet being an especially attractive feature of the human body. However, my daughter has unusually pretty feet. After discovering this rare trait, I found the verse in Romans 10:15 which says “and how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” NIV. Slowly over time and with prayer, she is accepting that beauty isn’t in the eye of the scolder. She will never see beauty when she looks in the mirror if she scolds herself. The enemy whispers those lies that make our beautiful daughters scold themselves. When they start to fix their eyes on the one who created them, they will see themselves differently. By beholding we become changed, so let’s teach our beautiful girls to behold Jesus. He is always beholding us and so then beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Our daughters are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) If we would never insult our creator God then we should not insult ourselves because we are made in His image. To put it plainly… God don’t make no junk! He DOES NOT make mistakes. Each one of us is sculpted by the hand of God. And beautiful to behold. My prayer is that for our young women and for all women of every age, would view themselves as a master piece, created with a master plan from the Master Artist! Our very breath is the air He breathes into us. Oh how He loves us, so let’s love ourselves in the same Godly way.



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