Am I Swimming or Just Dangling My Feet?

Have you ever been to a pool with your kids or maybe nieces or nephews? Possibly grandkids? We had a pool in the neighborhood we used to live in when my children were little. We would bring all the necessary items needed such as sunscreen, towels, water wings, and of course the most important items of all… the snacks!

Hauling all the stuff and ourselves down to the pool area, we would scope out the perfect table to unload our belongings on. The most shaded spots were always the first to go but if we got there early enough, ya know like before the sun was fully up, we had a sporting chance of obtaining the most coveted of spaces. My kids would do the inevitable… “I have to go to the bathroom!” Oy. So once all that business was taken care of, they were in the water. I tried to ignore the fact that their lips were turning blue because of the frigid temperature of the water. They splashed and bounced around with squeals of delight. Then the dreaded words would come. “Mom, come get in the water with us!”

Ugh, my shoulders would droop and my mind would race with any plausible reason I could give to not get in. But I would almost always at least sit on the edge of the pool and dangle my feet in the water. They would inevitably say that dangling my feet didn’t count and it’s not swimming if I don’t get in. I had to admit that hanging out on the side didn’t bring the shrieks of laughter or the fun of seeing what someone’s face looked like under water. Not that I could see that anyway mind you, but they could see mine. It was most fun when I made funny faces for them to try and figure out what face I was making.  On the occasions that I did get fully in the water, even though I went numb from the icy temperature, I really did have more fun. I got more of the quality time that both the kids and I wanted. We would play games that involved me being a mama whale (now that I think of that, I don’t think I like the comparison). In any event, it was memorable. The kids would take turns being the baby whale who had to ride around on my back. Then we were a family of crabs who tried to keep from getting pinched by the other. Then of course there was the timeless classic of Marko Polo. Ya know? I really don’t have too many memories of the times I just dangled my feet on the edge of the pool.

This makes me think of the times I read God’s word with a quick pass through and not really taking it all in. Just “dangling my feet” if you will. I read the verse and would think, hmm that was a good verse and go on my way with no real depth to my time with The Lord. Then there are the times that I go deeper into “the deep end” and get so much more from His word. Ya know what? I don’t remember the “dangling” verses but I do remember a lot of the “deep end” verses. 1 Corinthians 2:10 says “These things God has revealed to us through the spirit for the spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” Just like the times that I got fully into the depths of the pool were way more meaningful and memorable with my children, rather than just skimming my feet across the top couple inches. So is our relationship with our heavenly Father is so much more meaningful and memorable when we go deeper with Him. God is already in the pool waiting for us. He calls to us “Get in the water with Me, don’t just dangle your feet.” Oh how I long to go deeper with Jesus and let Him be my water wings. I want to swim, not just dangle my feet.

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