The Whole Thing

Have you ever had someone make you a cake for your birthday? They bring it to you on your special day and you invite them to have a slice of cake with you to celebrate. With a smile and gratitude, you take the lid off the cake and discover that there is only half a cake there. Crumbs litter the empty space indicating that there once had been a whole cake. Feeling a bit disappointed, you wonder why your friend would bring you only half a cake on your special day.

Ironically this is how I’ve felt for quite some time. Like half a cake. Like I hadn’t really been giving all of myself to God. I was giving Him my crumbs. I did want to give Him my whole self but I wanted to keep a little back to control for myself. You see, when you have a disability of any kind, it automatically robs some control from you already. I don’t know about you but I want to have control over certain things in my life. If truth be told, I like to have some control over some things in my family’s lives too. Ya know, the kind of control that keeps your kids from doing things that will hurt them. Then when they get older, the kind of control that keeps them from making huge mistakes. I also tend to want to control my writing. I seek to find the most effective way to promote this blog. I watch video teachings on line (well, listen to) about starting and having a successful writing career. I run ahead and try to figure things out or prevent bad things from happening. I keep “the cake” for me to have and leave the crumbs for God.

The fact of the matter is…God already knows how things will turn out no matter how much I try to run ahead or control. Every aspect of our lives can and should be given over to Him to handle. I know this is easier said then done most of the time. We trust Him with the little things that we don’t really care that much about one way or the other. Things that we would be fine whichever way God decided to go on that issue. But how about the things like if we should move or quit a job? Maybe it’s one like whether we have done all we can in our marriage but our unfaithful spouse is not willing to work on things. Maybe you or your spouse just received a fatal diagnosis. Maybe it’s your precious child who has a life altering disability that you can not fix with doctors or medicine.

No matter what the circumstances might be, God can hold it all in His mighty hands. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God” Philippians 4:6 (ESV) Did you catch that? With prayer and thanksgiving. Tell God your request and then thank Him for how He will work it out. Friends, He already knows how you feel but He wants to let you come to Him with the whole cake. Trust God with the biggies of life by understanding that no matter what our plan of action is, it’s no match for His results.

I know that those results are sometimes painful and often times not what we want to happen. But just as Job trusted God with everything, we are to trust. Job had it all and lost it all. But through his trust, God restored his whole existence to ten times what he had before. Now that doesn’t mean that we will gain ten-fold what we already have in material goods when we trust God. But it does mean that we receive ten-fold the peace of how God will work it out. When we bring our whole hearts to God, He restores us with a whole heart. God will use this blog and my blindness for His honor and glory just as He will use your circumstances if we all allow Him to. If through the words I write or the blindness I carry, someone can be led to Jesus and His love; it’s all worth it! Let Him make you whole again so you can live your whole life with Him. So let’s get into the kitchen, bake and frost the cake, and give the whole thing to God.

  • Walk by faith not by sight
  • Hold Gods hand
  • Open your heart to God
  • Love never fails
  • Everlasting life

4 thoughts on “The Whole Thing

    1. Oh Kay, I am so very sorry to hear that. I know it is hard to see it now but God has a plan for this even though you may not see it now. I will pray for you and this situation. I pray that you will have a tremendous testimony to share. Please please let me know how you are doing. I truly want to know. Blessings.


  1. Loved reading this. It is a reminder that I need to surrender self to God. I tend to be a controlling person so you can see how hard a time I have.
    Keep up God’s good work and I pray others will hear His call and answer. Hugs friend.


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