Out of the Mouth of Babes

We all have stories about our kids saying funny or at least memorable things. I have had so many of these experiences that I couldn’t possibly remember them all. I wish I would have written them down in a journal or something. Nevertheless, I do remember some of the things they said.

When my daughter was in I think third grade, it was mid-term report card day. She has always been a good student so I really had no worries about this particular report card. We’ve never had the issues of her being a disruptive kid in class or bullying anyone so we had no concerns there either. In the past, we have taken the kids to a family favorite restaurant for a celebratory dinner after getting their report cards.

I went to her conference alone as my husband got stuck at work. As we were on our way to the meeting, my daughter pipes up from the back seat in a chipper excited voice and says:

“Mom remember how we always go to Fazoli’s for dinner after report cards so we can celebrate good grades?”

“yes!” I say, looking forward to my favorite dish already. Her voice quiets some as she says “I don’t think this is gonna be one of those times.”

My mom was driving and I was fairly certain she was going to have to pull over since she could no longer see through the tears she had while laughing so hard. I myself thought I might have tinkled a little right there in the car. There are some moments that are funny at the time but after a while they sort of fade into the past and we don’t really remember them anymore. Then there are those funny moments that stay with us forever for some reason. This is definitely one of the forever moments. That has been about seven years ago now and it’s often referred to at report card time. My daughter was in our church school at the time but now she is home-schooled. However, since she has friends in the public schools, we know when report card day is.

Rest assured, her grades were indeed good and I was able to get my favorite dish after all. Hmmm, funny though, I don’t really remember what that dish was, but I still have the memory I really want to hang on to.

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