So here’s the diggs…

Hey everyone! I’m excited to be getting my blog off the ground. I will be having discussionary content about life’s events that may happen to all of us or none of us. It will hopefully give encouragement when you are discouraged, hope when you feel hopeless, and laughs when you feel less than happy. I want to share with you one minor detail about myself that you probably don’t know… I am blind. Don’t let that detour you from reading any further, thinking that you have nothing in common with a blind person. I’m just a mom, wife, daughter, friend and follower of Jesus just like anyone else. I hope to unpack scriptures in a real life tangible way. I hope to make you laugh with my real life stories. I hope to give you encouragement with some real life experiences. Come along with me on this journey. It has been a real task setting up this blog. Not much of the process was blind-user friendly. With the help of someone who is quickly becoming a valued friend, we got this bad boy up and somewhat ready for posting. This very post is the guinny-pig post for me. Let’s see how it goes. I can’t wait to see where God takes us all on my path of writing and sharing. Here we go!

4 thoughts on “So here’s the diggs…

  1. I read your letter on how you got started writing a blog, how you felt God wanted you to do it and some of the insecurities you felt in doing it. I came to your Blog and read what you had written and was so blessed! I too would like to write a blog, feeling the Lord would bless. But I have a lot of doubts and am finding it hard to take that first step. You have lifted my faith and helped me to decide to dig deeper and do as you did and find the ways to make it happen. God Bless You. Thanks


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