It’s Foodie Friday! (In-A-Pinch Garlic Bread)

Hi all! I have a great tip for you! Ya know… the kind of tip that helps a dinner be complete when you realize you’ve forgotten the garlic bread… again.


We usually always have hamburger or hot dog buns on hand. Each bun will give you two pieces of garlic bread. So without further adieu…


In-A-Pinch Garlic Bread

Bun Pic

Separate one bun into two halves. Spread each bun with real butter. Sprinkle on (to taste) onion powder, garlic powder, and dried parsley. Place buns on a cookie sheet and bake on 375 degrees for about 9 or 10 minutes. Just keep watching them to keep them from burning. They can be a little unpredictable the first time or two you make them. But be forewarned… you may end up preferring these over regular garlic bread! Let me know how you all like them

Here’s the goin’s on ’round ear!

Father in Heaven, may these words be uplifting to those who read/hear them. In Jesus name, Amen.


Well hello there fellow table talkers. What’s that? Sorry, can’t hear ya very well…


Yes, my surgery has been done and I am now packed tight in my left ear and everything is muffled. Rather, everything is blocked out in that ear.


I must say, it’s quite bazaar to have my own voice reverberating back in my ear that is blocked. It’s tunnel like I guess. Try plugging one ear then talking out loud… weird huh?


It is a little frustrating to be constantly asking “what did you say?” But I know after a couple months, I’ll be able to hear better and it will have been worth it… I hope.


Have you ever been able to see your circumstances as a blessing? To be able to see your disability or that of someone you know or love as being a positive thing at times? It’s really a matter of perspective to see the silver lining in a particular situation you might otherwise see as a struggle.


Most would agree that blindness, deafness, paralysis, cognitive, emotional, psychological, or any form of disability that alters how we do everyday life… most assuredly has it’s pitfalls. But, we don’t always have to see them as pitfalls!


When I hear people talking negatively about the way someone is dressed, I want to thank the Lord that I can’t make that “book by it’s cover” first glance kind of decision.


When I read a post on Facebook about someone over-hearing two other people bashing their spouses, I can appreciate my ear being packed tight.


If someone makes a comment about the look on another persons face and is making the assumption that said person is making judgement’s on others, I can blissfully be unaware of the assumed offending look and not make any assumptions at all.


Of course I can and only would speak on my own struggles and silver linings. But if we could try and look for our own silver lining moments within our struggles, I feel like it could change our whole perspective on life.


It can be very easy to ask the question “why me God?” and I’ve asked it many times myself. Not so much from an angry “I don’t deserve this” standpoint. More from a “could ya help me understand why You’ve asked me to carry this God?” standpoint.


The hearing loss I’ve had for the last twenty-six years, or so, has primed me to (all be it unwillingly) block out certain negative talk.

Now that I’ve had my ear  repaired and as long as it turns out correctly, I feel like God may be asking me to still be deaf to that negative talk. Maybe even more so.


I have been asked many times that if there were a surgery to correct my vision, would I have it done. My answer has always been… I don’t know. On one hand, my independents would increase astronomically. On the other hand, I would see things I wished I hadn’t. If such things would change my view of God or what He created, I wouldn’t want that.


God has a mapped out purpose for me and He has one for you. The map may have lots of twists and turns and it may have lots of thorny brush or full on “Fire swamp” (Princess Bride reference) terrain to get threw. But there is a map.


Your map may be marked with a disability in your life somewhere; yourself, a child, a parent, a spouse…


Or it may be marked with struggles of another kind.


If you knew there was a treasure buried under the X on that map, that contained riches beyond anything you could imagine… wouldn’t you travel that terrain to get to the treasure?


Friends there is such a treasure!


John 14:2  “In My Fathers house are many mansions, if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?”


Jesus Himself has prepared the treasure and has given us the map. The map has marked along the way, the silver lining moments and we just need to ask God to help us recognize them.


Keep checking the map (Gods word and prayer) and strive for the X. Oh and just so there is no misunderstanding about the treasure… no treasure chest on this earth could contain all the riches God has in store for you!





It’s Foodie Friday (Your Turn)

OK y’all, I am probably in surgery by the time most of you will be reading this. If it is before 7:00 a.m. then I’m not yet, lol.


I won’t be able to eat anything crunchy or chewy or solid for about two weeks. I am having the bones in my ear replaced with prosthetic ones. So I will be having to eat a lot of soup…


This is where it’s your turn!


I would love for you all to send me your favorite soup recipes. This is a great season to have to be on a soup like diet and I’m always looking for a good new soup to try.


You can comment here or just send it in an Email at:


I look forward to gathering some new recipes into my collection! I will see you all here at the table soon! God bless my friends. xoxo


I think the devil did it, in the living room, with the rope!

Father in Heaven, I pray You surround each word and each sentence and display them how You would like them to be seen and heard. In Jesus name, Amen.

Pull up your chair to the table friends, and let’s dig in!

Let me start by asking you a question… have you ever felt like “someone” or “something” just had it in for you?

Maybe it’s a co-worker, maybe it’s a neighbor, maybe it’s even a family member or what you thought was a friend. It can feel so heavy to learn that what was once viewed as a good friend has turned out to be the one who has wounded you the most. It also feels that way if it’s a family member.

I remember co-hosting a baby shower years ago with a friend. She had asked me to please “help” her put together a shower for our mutual friend at our churches fellowship hall. I happily agreed.

We went over a menu in which she completely left up to me to decide the food and make all the phone calls to ask certain ladies to make these dishes.

We went over the decorations in which she said what ever I wanted to do was fine with her. She gave me money from the funds and told me to go and purchase what I needed.

We briefly discussed the door prizes and games to play in which she told me… yeah, you get the idea.

Along comes the day of the shower and everything went well. After I covered all the tables and set out the decorations and food, the guests arrived and we ate, played games, and the guest of honor opened her gifts. All the ladies Awed and squealed and all the adorable outfits and toys she received. I had over-heard some ladies talking about how delicious the food was and how cute all the decor was and such. Feeling happy with how everything turned out, I was fine with having done most of the work myself. But then it happened…

A group of ladies approached my friend who was supposed to be partnering with me on this, and me, and said “Oh Katelyn, (not her real name) you did such a beautiful job putting this shower together!”

My “friend” looked them squarely in the eyes and replied with “Oh thank you so much!” and left it at that.

Now I didn’t do the shower for my friend with the baby to get a pat on the back, but I didn’t expect another friend to stab me in it either. When it came time to plan another shower for someone, the ladies of the church went to her because “she did such a beautiful job on the last one”.

I have had many many experiences like this with “friends” over the years and it doesn’t hurt any less when you have poured yourself into something and someone else tries to grab all the credit. Or when you may have an opportunity to advance at work or ministry but another person steps right in front of you. These can feel like knives cutting pretty deep.

Often times we don’t know who has been apposing us but we feel the effects. It can feel a bit like the game of Clue trying to figure out who has been sabotaging our plans or opportunities. Who did it in what room with what weapon?

I can tell you that it is one enemy using a multitude of weapons to thwart our plans. The devil does not want to see people of God succeed. He will use what ever methods he can to keep us discouraged. Even using family, friends, co-workers, whoever he can. This doesn’t mean, of course, that we leave ourselves open to being stepped on by certain people just because we know it’s the true enemy behind the actions. We must protect ourselves by keeping certain people at arm’s length and loving them from a distance.

• More on this coming soon *
But I have recently discovered a very personal application to this verse:

Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgement, this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from Me declares the Lord.”

If God has said that the weapons people are using against us will not succeed, then no amount of negative talk, credit stealing, spotlight hogging, opportunity swiping weapon will prevail! It may seem as though they are, but God is the General of His army. There may be many battles in which lots of weapons are used, but Gods soldiers will win the war.

Put on the armor of God every single day and place His weapon called “The Sword of Truth” in your heart and mind and let Him fight your battles.

Always hold onto the promise that NO weapon that has been designed to be used against you will succeed! Keep on moving forward in Gods plans for you and don’t let the actions of others cause you to put down your own sword and surrender. You can read more about the armor of God in Ephesians chapter six. Remember who the General of the army is, trust His leading. No need to try and figure out the Clue game.

It’s Foodie Friday! (Garlic and Cream cheese Mashed Potatoes)

Hi Y’all! Tis the season for some yummy comfort foods right?


So here is one of our family faves…


Mashed potatoes is usually a win win for most families but occasionally it is good to change it up a bit. Hopefully your families will entertain this version…


About 12 to 15 potatoes (depending on the size of them)


1 8oz. block cream cheese


3 to 4 garlic cloves (feel free to add what your family likes best; more garlicy or less)


about 2 large scallion stalks


1 stick butter


about 1/4 to 1/2 cups milk


Take out cream cheese and butter to soften a little. Peal and cut up potatoes. Place in dutch oven and cover with water. Separate and peal garlic cloves and place in water with potatoes. Boil on high heat for about 20 minutes or until tender. In the mean time; slice scallions into small bite size pieces. Cut up cream cheese into chunks. When potatoes are done, drain and return to pot. Be sure you are using a pot that you can use an electric beater in. Place in softened cream cheese and butter. Add in scallions and milk 1/4 cup at a time. You don’t want it to be too soupy. Use electric beaters on low to mash potatoes and garlic. After they are mostly mashed, bump the speed of the beaters up to medium to whip the potatoes. You may serve gravy on these but they are yummy and creamy all by themselves. Besides, they play nicely with the garlic and scallions to give a wonderful flavor without needing gravy. Enjoy!

But how can I do what they do?

Father in Heaven, please send Your Holy Spirit to present these words the way You want them received. In Jesus name, Amen.


Oh it’s so good to be back at the table with all of you! Though I had a wonderful and blessed time at the conference sitting around several tables with lovely women of God, I so enjoy sitting around this table with all of you as well!


I had many experiences over the five days at the conference. Most of which were so very spiritually filling. Although there were a couple that left me feeling… inferior.


I sat in on a seminar that, like most of the seminars, had to do with the rise in depression and anxiety among our young women and even our mature women. It was really quite staggering.


At the beginning of the seminar, the speaker gave us a hand-out. A woman came in about five minutes late and tapped me on the arm and asked “did she run out of hand-outs?”


“Yes” I replied, “but she is going to make more copies”.


She said ok and thanked me for letting her know.


When the seminar was over, she turned to me again and said “wow, that was really powerful!” I agreed with her and reached into my tote bag to retrieve my cane. Letting it unfold and link all the sections into place, I stood up to leave. This pleasant woman who had been speaking with me briefly, looked around me to my friend and said “oh my goodness, I didn’t realize she was handicapped and I was talking to her!”


I will put in here that out of a thousand women at the conference, I was indeed the only blind woman. I can’t quite explain how it feels to have someone look right past you and speak to the person you’re with as if you somehow became incapable of communicating as a blind person.


It kind of takes you down to feelings of an inferior level. When I was speaking to her with no obvious evidence of a disability, she spoke to me without hesitation. But somehow the cane told another story.


In a different seminar, it was standing room only after all the seats were filled. I chose to stand in the back of the room because my back was a bit stiff after all the sitting we had been doing. Well a few minutes in to the seminar, they opened up the “air walls” that separated two smaller rooms and made it one very large room. More chairs were brought in and I found myself literally standing in the middle of the room now.


The two friends I was with were sitting in the front row and were unaware that the room had been opened up. So there I stood not wanting to try and find a seat and wind up sitting in some poor unexpecting ladies lap who was just wanting to hear a good seminar!


Before I could grasp what was going on, a woman grabbed me from behind with a vice like grip and eased me bodily down into a chair. Again, this arises feelings of inferiority.


She could have just told me “I have a chair here for you just behind you.”


I know that these two women who are Gods children as well as me, didn’t mean any harm or ill feelings towards me. However that’s the unfortunate result of people not having the opportunity to be educated on those of us who have disabilities. I say this is unfortunate because one in five people in America has a disability.


But I think we can all relate to feelings of inferiority or inadequacy. Feeling that we couldn’t have a ministry or even simply minister to another individual, due to the belief that God uses more capable people.


Maybe you don’t drive so you feel like God couldn’t use you for His work. Maybe you are deaf so you feel like God couldn’t send you on His tasks for fear of not hearing something correctly. Maybe you are in a wheel chair so you feel as though you couldn’t keep up with what God is asking. Maybe you have anxiety and or depression and you feel like God would rather use someone with a more cheerful outlook. Maybe you are blind and you think God couldn’t use you because you can’t see the faces of those you would be ministering to so how can you be aware of body language.


Friends let me reassure you… God will use A N Y willing heart for His honor and glory!


To spite the two occasions that were a bit of a downer, I came away from that conference with the confidence that God can and will use my willing heart no matter my disability.


If you are deaf, He will use you to hear the cry of someones heart in the midst of a trial. If you have anxiety or depression, He will give you joy in serving another person who is sad or feeling lonely. If you are in a wheel chair, He will send you to be His hands and feet by simply sitting with someone who needs a listening ear. If you are blind, He will give you the ability to see how you can tell others of His great love.


No disability or feelings of inadequacy or inferiority can stand in the way of Gods plans!


Isaiah 55:8  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord.”


Our idea of how we could ever be used by God is not how He sees our ability to be used. I never thought I would be able to do any sort of ministry for God because my blindness would simply not allow it. Then I had the humbling opportunity to hear of women purchasing the devotional book at the conference that my work is printed in.


I never imagined being able to reach anyone outside of my small circle of people to tell about Jesus and now I’ve learned how to blog and reach people in other countries.


I never thought I would be able to give bible studies because of not being able to read the material. Now I have three studies going on, two of which are in other states and I host a book club type bible study in my home every other Monday night.


My point in telling you all this is to hopefully give you the hope that our circumstances do not have to define our capabilities. God uses every willing heart to do His work. If your desire is to be used by God, tell Him! He WILL make the way!


My dear readers, the enemy may rob me of my sight but he will never destroy my vision!


I have more to share from this conference in the coming weeks but this was such a large part of my take-away that I wanted to start with this. I hope you find it encouraging.


Oh and about those two women… I hold no ill feelings towards them. But I do feel a greater responsibility to educate people on proper actions when engaging those with disabilities of any kind. This is perhaps why God has placed it on my heart to write a devotional book for people with or caring for disabilities.


See ya in a couple days for Foodie Friday!




Takin’ a little trip

This is just a quick little note to let you all know that I’m heading to Florida for a women’s ministry conference. I will be back here at the table with all that I’ve learned and how God blessed us at this event.


It is a bit unnerving to travel without my husband, who knows my needs before I do, but I trust God in the leading.


I feel like He is providing this conference for a specific reason in my life at this time, so I am anxious to see what that reason is. I’ll fill everyone in on how God worked over the weekend and we’ll have a cup of coffee or whatever you like, and share all the blessings together next Wednesday. Talk to you all soon!