It’s Foodie Friday! (Creamed Pearl Onions)

Hi all and happy Friday! Here we are at the table to share something to put on the table for our Thanksgiving gatherings.


This is something that my Mom makes for a few different holidays and it’s the only time of year I get them ūüė¶

This is a traditional English dish and since half of my family is English… it fits!


Creamed Pearl Onions


cream sauce –

2 Tbl. butter (the real thing)


1/4 tsp. each salt and pepper


1 cup milkonions


2 Tbl. flour


3 to 4 Tbl. Parmesan cheese


Melt butter in sauce pan, add flour, salt, and pepper, whisk  continuously. Pour in milk gradually while whisking. Cook until thick and smooth on medium heat. Stir in 3 to 4 Tbl. Parmesan cheese. Add 1 jar pearl onions, drained. Heat on medium low for about 15 minutes or until heated through.


I look forward to this side dish on Thanksgiving day. It brings back all the turkey days of yester-year. Hope you can find a spot on your table for them.



Who keeps tying tin cans to my car?

Father in heaven, my prayer is for all of us to read these words and glean from them some wisdom about ourselves. In Jesus name, Amen


Well here we are for some more table talk time! I hope your week has been pleasant. It’s been a week full of blessings for me as my son has been invited to speak at my church and I’ve also been invited to speak there in a few weeks. Though I won’t go looking for such invitations on my own, I’m honored to speak for God wherever He calls me and allows me too. I’m not going to seek it out because I never want to mistake Gods calling for my own effort.


So let’s talk about the old days for a moment…


Do you remember the days of people tying tin cans to the back bumper of a newly-weds car? It was designed to draw attention to the happy couple as they drove away into their future lives together.


If you happened to be on the sidewalk on one such day, you would here the CLANG CLANG CLANG of all the cans rattling on the ground as they were being dragged by the car.


On-lookers would stop and turn their attention to the automobile responsible for all the racket. Then realizing that it was a new bride and groom, people would be more tolerant of the noise.


However I would guess that if the newly-weds were to drive around the same block several times, the on-lookers would quickly become can snippers. The incessant clatter would simply be too much.


The sentiment was thoughtful but after a mile or two, even the happy couple would get annoyed and… out would come the scissors.


Do you sometimes feel like the negativity in your life is like those tin cans after a mile or two? Maybe on some level the annoyance started out to be a nice gesture, but has now become something you just want to find a way to cut loose.


Now I’m not suggesting to cut loose your job, marriage, friendships, church members, etc.


I am however, suggesting to cut loose the feelings that make the CLANG CLANG CLANG in your situation.


Perhaps a co-worker has stepped on your toes one too many times; CLANG CLANG CLANG!


Maybe your spouse has been far too unappreciative; CLANG CLANG CLANG!


It could be a family member or friend who has, yet again, criticized your ideas; CLANG CLANG CLANG!


We have to be in prayer about these issues because if the enemy can be successful in “getting our goat”, then he will continue to use the same method.


1 Peter 5:8¬† “Be sober minded, be watchful, your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”


If we let all the negative tin cans clang so loudly that we cannot hear Gods calling on our lives, the enemy will most certainly devour us. It is time for us to begin carrying those proverbial scissors and snip off those cans one by one.


If someone at work has taken over your project, be the inclusive one who says “hey I’ve noticed you have a big interest in this project, how about helping me with some of it?”


If your spouse seems to not notice your efforts, you could snip a can by responding with “I love that I can do so many things for you as my partner and I’m glad you do them for me too.”


If a friend or family member is overly critical of something you want to or have accomplished, you could respond with “well there you have your plan if you decide to do a project like this.”


We have to have boundaries put up to keep out the “roaring lion” or he will make a meal out of us. God desires to protect us from that lion.


I hope these words give all of us the scissors to start snipping those cans free from our lives. Instead of hearing CLANG CLANG CLANG… let’s begin listening for the SNIP SNIP SNIP!


Maybe you could even print off a picture of some scissors and put it in your bible in 1 Peter 5. Hold fast to God and He will shut the mouth of the lion!



It’s Foodie Friday!!! (Thanksgiving sides)

Hi all! We have now entered into the month of Thanksgiving! I’d like to do a month long series on favorite Thanksgiving day side dishes.


As I share recipes, I encourage all of you to comment and share your faves as well. We all have different traditional desserts and staple sides so let’s do some exchanging huh?


I’m going to start with the staple side of sweet potatoes or yams. Just use however many potatoes or yams you will need for your turkey day event. Add in:


3 Tbls. brown sugar (feel free to add more if you need to punch up the sweetness)


about 1/2 cup maple syrup (just the kind you would use on pancakes)


about 1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon


1 to 1 1/2 sticks butter (the real thing)


These measurements are based on a fairly large group of people. Say 20 to 25 friends and family. Just adjust as needed. You will prepare these like you would mashed potatoes. Cook your potatoes or yams and when they are soft and still hot, add in your ingredients and blend with an electric mixer.


A trick to keep a few things warm on the big day is to plug in and heat up your electric skillet/griddle. Just put it on a fairly low temperature like 200 degrees or so and set your heat safe dishes right on top of it like a warming tray. This was a tip from my mother-in-law.


Do you all make yams or sweet potatoes?



Whatkind of make up do you wear?

Father in heaven, I pray this will be a time of growth for all of us. In Jesus name, Amen.


Come on in and have a seat friends! It’s good to have you here at the table. I dare say this weeks post may relate to women more then men, but I think we all can glean from it.


This week at my in-home book club, we discussed a particular chapter in Whitney Capps book, “Sick of Me”. She refers to a time in seventh grade that she got a zit. Normal for most seventh¬† graders, but she pointed out that she NEVER got zits. So well known was this fact that when she did get one, it really stood out to her peers. One day at the lunch table, a particular girl noticed said zit and announced in a VERY loud voice, “Oh my goodness! Whitney you’ve got a zit right on your chin!” as she noticeably pointed directly at the offending red mound on her face.


Whitney was of course mortified and ran to the bathroom to inspect her preteen conundrum. Evidently no amount of make up (which she had not started wearing yet) would cover up this champion of a zit.


We at the book club discussed how we sometimes use “spiritual make up” to hide or cover up certain sins or just things we know we need to change. This might look something like taking on various positions at church to look extra spiritual. It may look like staying away from church all together to avoid people asking questions we don’t want to answer. It may look like working lots of over-time to be to exhausted to focus on anything we might need to tweak in our lives.


What ever shade of blush, powder, or lipstick we might choose, it will not hide or cover up the bright red mound that needs proper attention and appropriate cream to help it heal.


Whitney points out that often times using make up, not only doesn’t help, but can even draw more attention to the unwanted zit. If we try to cover up what needs proper attention for spiritual growth, we can end up doing the exact opposite.


Like the school mate in the lunch room, God already knows about our zit before we do. He isn’t interested in being our cosmetologist, but He is interested in being our dermatologist.


God wants us to apply the zit cream, AKA; His word, and heal the zits in our lives. Like getting rid of an infected pus pocket on your face,¬† can be a little painful to heal. However when it does… your spiritual complexion will be glowing! No make up needed!


Allow God to point out the zit and show you how to heal it so you, as well as others, can see Jesus in you! I want others to see Jesus in me too. Not my Foundation or eye shadow. Will you pick up the wash cloth and zit cream and let God give you a shining glowing complexion! I’ll be in the dermatologists office right behind ya!


It’s Foodie Friday (Goulash)

Well it’s the perfect time for a big pot of Goulash!


There is one ingredient that I use that makes a little twist on it…


1 lb. ground beef or turkey or chicken


1 32 oz. can of crushed tomatoes


1 small onion


1 lb. medium shell or elbow noodles


1 can V8 or tomato juice


about 2 or 3 Tbl. brown sugar


Dice the onion and place it in a skillet with 1 tsp. butter. Brown meat with the onion. Drain. Cook noodles as label directs. Drain. In a dutch oven, place cooked noodles and meat. Pour in crushed tomatoes and about 3/4 of the tomato juice/V8. Then the twist… sprinkle in the brown sugar. This helps to cut down on some of the acidity of the tomato content. It gives a deliciously sweet taste to a wonderful comfort food. Let simmer together for about 30 to 45 minutes, then serve with some warm bread or rolls and butter and watch a great fall movie. Enjoy!

Why I like the movie Shrek

Father in Heaven, may these words glorify Your name. In Jesus name, Amen


Welcome back to the table friends. Hope you have had a good week so far. Let’s dig in to today’s blog.


Do you remember the first Shrek movie? Oh my stars, I think I once knew every line by heart! My son was about two years old when the first one came out. He saw it for the first time when he was about five.


We bought it on VHS (showing my age here) and he decided one day to watch it six times in a row… yes… six! He hit rewind and played it over and over.


Oi, if I had to hear Shrek yell at Donkey one more time that day I might have accidentally dropped the video into the washing machine, thereby rendering Shrek from shrieking anymore!


But alas, I couldn’t do that to my sons favorite movie.


But as I watched it with him a time or two…thousand, I realized a message that was being told was actually a good one. I’m not sure that it was the intended message but I chose to see it this way.


In all the Disney princess movies (or any princess movies) the damsel in distress has always been this lovely slim beautiful girl who had beautiful rosy cheeks (no make up required) and perfect red lips (maybe not Maybelline). She has beautiful long hair in shades of blond, raven, walnut, or flaming red. Shiny gorgeous locks spill over her shoulders that are perfectly shaped and her dress is usually expertly fitted to her size two waist.


Does all these attributes sound familiar? Do you remember watching the Duke slip the glass slipper on to Cinderellas perfectly shaped size five foot? how about the prince kissing Auroras full red lips in Sleeping Beauty? Even a fictional figure like a mermaid had flowing red hair and a size nothing waist.


All these fabulous princess beauties lived happily ever after right? What about the size twelve or size eighteen girl with hard to manage hair? What about the girl who wears a size eleven shoe? How about the girl who has skin that wants to react to everything she tries to put on in the way of cosmetics or skin care?


Proverbs¬† 31:30 “charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”


This is where I see the positive message in Shrek. The princess in this movie, Fiona, started out being one of the “typical” princesses, then we learn she has a secret. At night she turns into an Ogre. This, she sees, as a terrible thing. But when it comes time for the “spell” to be broken, it wasn’t the GQ inspired prince who saves the day and rids her of being an ogre. No, it was the unlikely spell breaker named Shrek, another ogre, who rescues her from the tower and frees her from her secret identity.


One expects to see her turn back into the beautiful princess she was during the day light. However, she remains an ogre. She is disillusioned and says to Shrek “I don’t understand. I’m supposed to be beautiful.” Shrek answers her by saying, “but you are beautiful.”


They saw past what the world deems beautiful and attractive and found love in the heart. Shrek saw her “realness” and loved her for it. She saw protectiveness and strength in Shrek and loved him for it. They didn’t ride off in a horse drawn carriage to the castle and all it’s glory. They walked to a shack in the swamp and lived their happily ever after.


I love that beauty is being displayed in a real life sort of way in this movie. It’s not only the beauty queens who live happily ever after. It’s not the Prince Charmings of the world who find the love of their life.


Jesus loves each and every one of us no matter our circumstances, financial status, height, weight, shoe size, hair color, eye color, position, or anything in between. He has a happily ever after for all of us. It’s found in Christ alone. Not in what the world says is valuable.


Beauty fades… money is spent… positions are replaceable. Love never fades or fails. The love of Jesus can never be destroyed no matter what!


   I think if we could take a lesson from Fiona and be who God intended for us to be, we might be able to begin letting go of trying to measure up. God uses no ruler, no measuring stick. He just uses the measure of His love for us. Remember that you are a princess, you are a prince, because you are a child of the King!                                            Crown

I’m just thinkingout loud here…

Hi all! Surprised to see me in your inbox this morning?


Well I am just sort of thinking out loud here and wanted to get my thoughts down for review. I also wanted to get some honest feed back from my beloved readers here at the table.


My first love will always be the Lord and sharing the messages He lays on my heart each week for all of you. I love being able to share God in a “real life” kind of way… through everyday experiences. This will be something I look forward to doing.


I also enjoy feeding the body as well as the soul which is why I started doing the “Foodie Friday” segment of the blog. But I have yet another love…


I absolutely love crafting! I know that seems over flooded in the YouTube and blogging industries but this does not water down my passion and love for it.


Now I’m not talking about major projects like refinishing furniture or building tables or anything like that. No, I’m talking about re-purposing cabinet doors into lovely memorable pieces that are fairly easy and reasonable to do.


Let me explain a little more my thoughts behind this…


When you think hand made items, do you automatically think that a blind person made it? Probably not right?


scissoirs   When you think of using glue guns and scissors or sewing needles and stitching, your mind most likely does not envision a blind person behind these projects.


But I do these projects almost on the daily. It’s not that I go to craft fairs or even sell items on line or anywhere for that matter… I just love to see how the Lord opens up new possibilities for me! That’s kinda my point with where I’m heading with this.


I want to be able to inspire those people who are of the mind set that “I could never do that”. What ever the “that” is, I want for people to say… hmmm, maybe I can.


I’ve taken the long way around this to share what has been on heart with you all. I have been toying with the idea of a YouTube channel that marries my love of devotional writing and my love of crafting.


I would have a inspirational word to start with, then move into a craft project. This of course is only in the thinking phase and I have some praying to do on the matter, but I thought some feed back from all of you as we sit around the table together, would help me in that process.


I would even love to hear some suggestions of names for a channel if anyone is so inspired to offer one.


Well, this is my thoughts and I look forward to hearing from all of you on what you think.


Oh and by the way… please don’t be shy about telling me that this idea stinks if you don’t feel it would be a good idea¬† ūüôā¬† I can take it!


Anyway, love to all of you and go ahead and start sharing your thoughts with me.