It’s time for a break

Father in heaven, I know it’s time for this so I ask for Your presents to go before this post and help all of us reading it to understand the why behind it. In Jesus name, Amen…


I have some news I’d like to share with my table family here. I have recently shared with you that my family and I have dreamed of moving south for many years.


My husband and I have prayed and searched for Gods plans in this dream. God answered this prayer when Jeremy got his “dream job” with a company in Florida. We rejoiced in this news and quickly began making plans.


We searched on line for houses, we started collecting boxes, and we gently broke the news to our families that we were moving across the country.


My husband went down to start work right away with the plans for us to follow in a couple months after our daughter graduated and we tied up all the loose ends here.


But sometimes plans and dreams change.


Job 1:21  …the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.


God must have seen something down the line that we could not or maybe would not see. He has awaken us from this dream. He has put this back on the shelf so to speak, and so now I feel the need to search for Him in a new way. A deeper way. Reading… studying… and praying.


My dear readers, I need to take a leave of absence for a time. I’m not sure for how long but I feel that a month is what God is laying on my heart.


I need to evaluate what He is asking of me. I will be taking this leave from social media as well.


I have many christian women that I follow on social media and they have from time to time taken this type of sabbatical to reset. I feel that I need this sabbatical now. I so appreciate all of you and hope that you will keep your seat at the table and wait for me to return.


I will be checking my Email and responding as needed. I’m so grateful for all of you! Truly I am.


I want to find out what journey God has me on and for what purpose. I want to be able to fulfill that purpose and be a better writer and speaker and whatever else God may have planned.


I’ll see you all in a month. With tears I say I’ll miss all of you for this month. Keep the table set for me okay? I love you all!


Oh my… so much is happening that I can hardly catch my breath. I will have a regular post later this week, but for now I just want to encourage you with this thought…

We make our requests known to God as the bible instructs, but let me just say that it does not mean that we won’t feel some anxiety over the prayer He has answered.


Not anxiety that it is the wrong decision, but just the prayer answered can bring some very big changes. But God will see us through all of it.


So with that I’ll send ya another message this week with more on this topic. I need to decompress a little from the activities.


See ya soon!

Oops, I Forgot…

Oh I did something yesterday in my post that I really don’t like doing. I’ve done it before and it has weighed on my conscience heavily.


I forgot to put the most important part of the blog piece… the bible verse!


As we discussed yesterday, we need to fill up on what God has to offer. He will not only give us a few bites, but fill us up completely and still have more for us to save for later.


We find this example in Matthew chapter 14…


Here we see Jesus healing the sick all day and when it grew late, He told His disciples to feed the people. They were tremendously confused as to how to do that with so many people and so little food. But of course Jesus never asks us to do something without supplying the means in which to do it.


Now picking it up in verse 20, the Word of God says… “and they all ate and were satisfied, and they took up twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over.


Here is the example of Jesus not only providing what is needed but doing it in abundance. He does the same when we want to be filled with His word. This is our “eating until we are satisfied” time with God each and every day. There will never be a shortage of Gods spiritual food for us. So eat hardy my friends and saver every bite!

Thank you for allowing me this extra tidbit. After all… THIS is the real meal!”

Hungry or Full

Father in heaven, I pray for every person reading these words and the person writing them to be directly from You oh Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


Hi Folks! Glad you’re back at the table for another spiritual and physical meal. I do hope you  get spiritually fed here as well as enjoying the recipes.


Have you ever been to a wedding, banquet, or feast of any kind?


When we attend these types of events, we fully expect large amounts of food to be served. That’s just how it usually goes right? We sit and visit with other people at the event. We sip on coffee or juice…

We eventually start to pivot our heads in the general direction of the food table. Glancing back and forth, hoping not to appear starving or impatient. Then of course, everyone begins the head pivoting and it soon looks like some sort of off balance tennis match. Mouths watering and conversations turning to “I wonder when they will start serving dinner?”, the sound of rattling dishes and pans being situated on the food table restores hope to the guests.


It is now time to get in line and you’ve been speculating on what hides beneath those shiny silver pan lids.


Chicken… mashed potatoes… pasta salad… green beans and carrots…

The possibilities are overwhelming when you are this hungry!


As you stand there, plate poised in one hand and the other ready to grab hold of that serving spoon and start dishing… you are grievously disappointed to see mere crumbs littering the bottoms of all those catering sized pans.


What in the world!!!


Friends this is how we sometimes handle our time with the Lord… He has laid out a feast of wisdom and guidance and love for us each and every day. When we only take a minute or two to hear Him or read a quick verse on the fly, we miss the feast and walk away with crumbs.


Now don’t get me wrong, all scripture is good and useful. But God wants to give us the depth of His words like a banquet spread out for us to fill up on. Spoon up big helpings of His grace and mercy. Heap on the mountain of forgiveness and love. Overflow your plate with scoops of joy and dip that into a dollop or two of cheerfulness.


Just as we would walk away from a banquet table that only offered crumbs disappointed and still hungry, we sometimes walk away from Gods banquet thinking we are full but quickly realize we are still hungry for Him. Don’t walk away hungry… let God fill you with His spiritual food and sustain you each day with what you need to be filled.


Let me offer you a filling hardy meal to serve your family…

Red and White Goulash

1 pound ground turkey


1 pound elbow macaroni


1 large can crushed tomatoes (28 oz.)


1 bottle tomato juice or V8 juice


1 medium onion


1/4 cup brown sugar



Brown turkey meat in skillet. Cook macaroni as directed. Drain both. Dice onion. In dutch oven combine meat, macaroni, crushed tomatoes, juice, onion, and brown sugar. Cover and simmer on medium for about 30-45 minutes. Get some soft tasty rolls, spread on some butter and… mmm mmm so good! Fill up.

It’s been a wild ride so far (Part II)

Father in heaven, I pray for Your presents to be here and leading as we are reading. In Jesus name, Amen.

Ok so where were we… oh yes… waiting for the decision.Analog wall clock at 9:15

I wanted to believe that Jeremy would get this job, yet I knew there was a real possibility that they would hire someone who didn’t have to move across the country to work there. My fear and my faith were facing off as it were. Have any of you seen the movie “Facing the Giants”? This is indeed one of my favorite movies. It’s about a Christian high school football team that has been on a losing streak and the kids along with the parents are getting fed up with these results. Fathers of star players are trying to convince the assistant coach to take over and boot out the head coach. There are, of course, many other things going on in the movie;

Financial struggles


Broken down vehicle

Unending home repairs

Faith struggles

And the list goes on.

Even if you don’t care for football, this movie has such a valuable message.

The head coach, Grant, questions his purpose in his job, his home, his life, and what God wants of him. The janitor of the school enters Grants office one day in the midst of is faith struggle and tells him a story of two farmers…

There were two farmers that desperately needed rain. They both prayed for rain. But only one went out and prepared his fields to receive it. Which one had faith that God would send the rain?

Grant answered and said “the one who prepared his fields to receive it”. Then the janitor asked Grant which one he was.

This story has stayed with me and challenged me to ask which one I am. I began putting that question to the test. I opened my closet doors and began pulling out and bagging up all the clothes that would be too warm to wear in Florida. I began sorting through dishes and décor to down size for moving. I gave away an antique phone that I dearly loved to a friend who had her sights set on it for some time. I knew I wouldn’t have a place for it at my new house so I handed it over to its new owner.

We purged, we bagged, we tossed, and we waited. Monday came… no call. Tuesday came… no call. We prayed, we sorted more items, and we continued to wait. We kind of started to think that if they really wanted to hire him, they would have done it by then. However, I found myself telling my daughter to not lose faith when she brought this concern to my ears. “God’s timing is not our timing” I told her. Did I believe it myself? Yes… I did. I kept telling everyone who said I was getting ahead of myself by purging, that I was “preparing for rain”. This had become my mantra. It had become my banner.

I woke up Wednesday morning with a strong impression from God that today was the day. We would have our answer. I felt God asking me if I would still love, trust, and follow Him if the answer was “no.” I evaluated this so I could be completely honest with God and myself. “God” I said, “I will be heartbroken and very upset if the answer is no. But I will still love, trust, and follow You.” You see, God can handle our tears and frustration, as long as we still trust that He knows what’s best. So, I was honest and told Him my feelings. I felt His “fair enough” type answer and I sat down on the floor and continued sorting through mugs and other dishes that were in the bottom cabinet of my hutch.

At 9:30 a.m., my husband came out of the bedroom and sat on the floor beside me. “I got the call” he said. Turning to look at him, I paused with a mug in my hands. “I have bad news…”

Shoulders slouching and releasing a sigh, I turned away from his face. A heavy pause lingered in the air between us.

“We have to leave Michigan.” He said.

Snapping my gaze back to his, I said “You got it?”

“I got it.” He replied.

Bursting into tears I said over and over again, “we prepared for rain, we prepared for rain… God sent the rain!” I knew what would be coming in the months ahead. My daughter graduating, her grad party with over three-hundred people, packing, moving across the country, and all the other stresses in-between. This roller coaster was about to descend the hill and round some sharp curves, jostling us all about. But ya know what? God fastened our seatbelts.

You see my dear readers, when we completely trust God and align our desires with His, whatever He decides to lay before us will be ok. Even if the answer is no. It’s never a no out of some sort of punishment or God trying to keep something good from us as the serpent tried to convince Eve was happening. (Genesis 3:4-5) The serpent tried to make Eve believe that God was deliberately keeping something wonderful from her and her husband for the sake of being selfish. That is not in God’s character. We must trust and believe that when we ask for something, that He will answer with what is best for us when we want what He has that is best for us.

wooden door slightly ajar revealing bright light on the other sideWe asked God for this opportunity once He opened the first door. But we also ask Him to shut any other doors if it wasn’t going to be good for our family. As heartbreaking as it would be, it would be more heartbreaking to act outside of God’s plans for us and have it bring us to our ruin. God already knows the end from the beginning, so as I’ve asked this question before, why not trust the one who already knows how it will turn out?

When a new movie or book comes out and we know of someone who has seen or read it, don’t we usually ask them how it was? If it is someone we trust and they tell us it was awful and the ending was even worse, we would probably forgo seeing or reading it right? Why waste our time and money? So, trust the one who knows something far more valuable… your future!

Revelation 3:8, “I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut, I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and not denied my name.”

No one… NO… ONE, can close doors that God has opened. We may feel worry or concern, but when we have that trust in God, we can have assurance of the best answer to our requests. Trust Him… just trust Him!

Well Let’s see what we have to munch on after reading, shall we…

So, I will probably be drinking more smoothies living in a much warmer climate. This is one of my fav’s…

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

1/2 cup milk

1 ripe banana

2 Tbl. peanut butter

1-2 Tbl. chocolate syrup

6-8 ice cubes

Place all ingredients into a blender. Secure lid and blend for about one minute. Pour into a pretty glass and grab a straw. This makes a great light lunch or 3:00 p.m. snack. Enjoy!




Easter Wishes

I just wanted to send an Easter greeting to you all! This Sunday we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us. But let’s not forget the sacrifice that God the Father made as well. He willingly gave His beloved Son to be the barer of all my sins and that of the whole world. Even those who would not accept the free gift of forgiveness were on His mind when He made the plan a reality.

I have a son, but I couldn’t imagine sacrificing him to anyone, let alone those who hated him. God the Father embraced His one and only Son before He left His home in heaven and knew what was to come. Jesus followed the plans exactly and endured such horrific acts on account of my sins. He was mocked, flogged, beaten, spit upon, rejected, nailed to a cross in humiliation, and ultimately surrendered His earthly life all so we could live with Him forever.


What a gift!


As we gather together at our dinner tables this Easter, or if we reflect in solitude on these sacrifices, may we remember and understand just how much God loves us. He loves each one of us. That includes you!

Read John 3:16 and insert your name where it says For God so loved—-.


Happy Easter to all of you! May you be blessed by His gift of eternal life!

It’s been a wild ride so far

Father in Heaven, let Your message be what is seen and heard in these words that follow. In Jesus name I ask it, Amen.

Sunset over trees and a lake
Deep breath in… wooooo! Well where do I begin? Back in February, I told you all about my dear friend who was tragically taken from us in a horrible car accident.

What Is Happening?

A few days after the emotional shock settled down, I remember standing in the dining room of the condo we were staying in and telling my husband that I felt like some big changes were coming. I didn’t know what they were or when they would happen or even why I felt that way. It could have been the unexpected deaths or the fact that my youngest child is graduating in just a couple months or something else entirely. All I knew is that things just felt different.

We came home from our vacation (reluctantly I might add) and unloaded the car. The house was the same, our dog and cat were the same, even the weather was the same as when we left— cold and snowy in case you were wondering. Every year we go on vacation, it gets more difficult to face coming back to the unforgiving icy breath of winter blustering that it’s not finished with us yet. It made it especially hard this year with so much sadness preceding our homecoming.

For many years my husband and I have dreamed of warmer climates, sandy ocean beaches, and a job that wouldn’t be so physically taxing on my husband’s body. Since I rely on him so much because of not being able to drive myself, he worries that he will not be able to do it as often or as long due to his demanding job responsibilities. He is a highly skilled craftsman and his talents are in high demand in certain areas. Although he has built up his reputation where we live, work in his field is becoming scarcer.

While the kids were still young, we only dreamed of heading south. We wanted them to grow up with family around them. My son is going to be twenty-years-old in seven months, and as I mentioned earlier, my daughter is graduating soon. Their career choices will certainly take them out of the area they live in now. But aren’t we supposed to raise our kids, teach them to fly, then watch them take flight?

Well after coming home from this vacation, my husband was feeling very impressed upon to just throw his résumé out there on a job search site in the state of Florida. Now before I lay the next brick down in this road of our journey, let me say that we were not expecting any outcomes one way or the other from such a random act of searching. We basically said to God, “if You want this to go anywhere Lord, You have to open the doors and lead the way.”

This was much like throwing a handful of darts at a dart board and seeing which one or ones would stick, if any. We expected nothing, but hoped for everything. We just let God take control and waited.

My husband put out exactly ten resumes on a Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday late Airplane taking offmorning, he had seven interviews lined up. He quickly scanned flights for the following Sunday, scouted out inexpensive hotels, and by Monday morning, was in Florida preparing for his week of interviews. Jeremy (my hubby) had appointments throughout Florida that would span a seven-hour travel time. Mind you he didn’t have them in one day. But they took him from town to town. By the end of the week, Jeremy was back on a flight home; carry-on bag in one hand and phone containing the Emails with four job offers in the other. Our dream and what could be our reality were now staring at each other face to face.

Over the next few days our family of four came together and prayed, my husband and I prayed, our kids prayed, we prayed individually… well… we just prayed like crazy! We narrowed the field down to one job that Jeremy had been leaning toward from the beginning of this process. He called the gentleman who did the interview and told him that he was very interested in working for this company. The interviewer told Jeremy that was great to know.

For whatever reason, we had been under the impression that this man was simply waiting to hear back from Jeremy as to when he could start. We had spent the week crunching numbers, looking at rental homes, and planning how to tell our families we would be moving out of state. Then we were a bit blind-sided to hear that they had interviewed two other guys for this position and would be letting Jeremy know by the next week. Six… whole… days had to painfully go by before we would hear their decision. Our reality that had been face to face with our dream seemed to fold its proverbial arms in a huff and was now tapping its toe rhythmically along with the ticking of the clock. How in the world were we supposed to wait anywhere from three to six days to find out if our fifteen year long dream would come true?

Well to avoid this post being a short book, I’ll leave you with waiting to hear the conclusion until next week! After all, Ephesians 4:2 says “Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, baring with one another in love.”

So be patient with me and bear with me in love. I will share the rest with you all next week. I’m so glad to have you at my table! Come back and see me next week, okay? I’ll have a recipe at the end of this testimony. But in the meantime, feast on God’s word. It’s so much more nourishing and filling than anything I could cook up for you! See you all soon!